Slingshot Arabic Zodiac Sign

Slingshot Arabic Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - Artist, sensitive, intelligent, and original, the Slingshot is a mysterious artwork on his own.

He rarely exploits his true potential and also struggles to make himself known for his visible qualities. For the complex path of his consciousness, instead of helping him to make his way to glory, often prevents him from feeling fulfilled.

The Slingshot is a weapon that tends to always criticize government and authority. His attitude of permanent opposition to the established order leads him to become marginalized most of the time, especially since he isn’t very inclined to make concessions on anything that may affect his infinite conception of individual liberty. Stubborn as much as he is proud, the most important thing for the Slingshot is to maintain a perfect symbiosis between his thoughts and his actions so that even when he is misunderstood or neglected, he doesn't feel the need to change his way of life. Fortunately, not being in the spotlight doesn't bother him that much. He manages to cope very well with the way of life he has chosen. However, he reckons deep down that his choices cause him problems of the material order, which irritates him more than anything because he despises all material things. The Slingshot likes to live in the margins, without rules, and without worrying about tomorrow.

On the social level, the Slingshot is friendly, sincere, and generous. He is widely willing to help those who need it without ever demanding anything in return. He also feels very concerned about the great causes of humanity and he never hesitates to commit to the causes that he considers just and necessary. If he decides to live a frugal but active life, during which he produces artistic works regularly, a post-mortem celebrity is quite within his reach and even seems even a glorious goal, because his contemporaries could not be able to understand and appreciate him to his true value.

Sentimentally, the Slingshot is always on the move. He loves falling in love at first sight, he loves passionate cyclones, the languorous caress of the waves sparkling with a thousand lights, and the gardens of Babylon, where every fruit and each river tells its legend.

The Slingshot loves and wants to live instinctual sensations and discover the effervescent vibrations of the elixir of joy. Without emotional passion, the Slingshot can even let himself die. Anything that isn’t the source of an awakening of the senses could have no consideration in his eyes. However, this true prince of love is not always understood by his fellow human beings. His almost euphoric attachment to his lover can turn away the least reckless and the most irreducible among his partners. Fortunately for him, as he can fall in love again without necessarily going through a long period of depression and questioning, and is soon able to drink once again to the legendary Fountain of Youth.


Artist, philosopher, writer, poet, fashion designer, humanities researcher, political scientist, historian


Arabic Sign Compatibility
Knife 💜💜💜💜
Dagger 💜💜
Cutlass 💜
Arabian Dagger 💜💜
Iron Mass 💜💜
Peasant Club 💜💜💜
Axe 💜💜💜
Chain 💜💜
Sword 💜
Lance 💜💜💜
Slingshot 💜💜💜
Bow 💜💜💜


The zodiac sign of Aquarius is in correspondence with the Arabic astrological sign of the Slingshot. However, being Aquarius doesn't mean that one is automatically the Arabic sign of the Slingshot. Indeed, your weapon in the Arabic horoscope depends on your solar sign but also your place of birth and the occupation of your parents. Use our free calculator to calculate your true Arabic sign according to traditional Arabic astrology and discover its meaning, character, and horoscope, whether you are a man or a woman.


Date of Birth: the sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Aquarius between January 21 until February 19
Symbol: Water carrier
Element: Air
Planet: Uranus
Jewel: Black pearl

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