Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - People of the Aries zodiac sign always find a way to break ground and take the initiative. These people are independent, honorable, and at the same time ready to try something new. But patience and waiting is something that they like less. Be it a game or an important decision in life; the Arians will put in the same amount of effort and zeal into fulfilling their goals.

Planet Mars and element Fire are associated with this star sign. They are highly active, enthusiastic, and filled with fury and passion. They are always at the forefront, ready to volunteer for any cause without thinking of future consequences. Thus, the Aries zodiac sign person is not one to be on the back foot. So what if the decision taken turns out to be wrong? Forge ahead is the Ram’s mantra for life.

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Aries: Facts & Figures

  • Birth Dates – March 21st – April 20th
  • Zodiac Symbol – Ram
  • Lucky Colors – Red and White
  • Zodiac Element – Fire
  • Zodiac Quality – Cardinal
  • Lucky Numbers – Six and Seven
  • Lucky Day – Tuesday
  • Domicile Planet – Mars
  • Detriment Planet – Venus
  • Exaltation Planet – Sun
  • Birthstone – Aquamarine
  • Lucky Gemstones – Ruby, Diamond
  • Lucky Metals – Gold, Bronze

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Aries Positive Traits

People born under the Aries horoscope are natural leaders in their fields. They lead by example, thus encouraging their followers to do more than their best. Courage, bravery, generosity, concern, toughness, and intelligence go hand-in-hand with the Aries personality. They are just not the kind to give up even till the last breath. This may happen even though they are objective in their thinking.

The Aries characteristics show that people born under this zodiac sign to have a positive outlook and extremely optimistic ideas. They do not take time to come to conclusions and believe in coming straight to the point. The Aries zodiac sign is sure about his or her relationships. Even in physical and sexual love relationships, they will go to any extent to make their loved ones happy. The Rams’ free nature and devotion will help them go far ahead in life.

Aries Negative Traits

The Aries traits include being headstrong, stubborn, and dominating. They do not care about others but can be selfish in many aspects. Thanks, to their impatient nature, they are just not ready to wait for anything or anyone. They are always in a hurry. They tend to argue about the smallest issue and always believe that they are right.

The Arians are known to hold grudges and never forget a fight. Their aggressive and domineering nature can sometimes get them into unwanted trouble. They always want to be the boss and make impoverished team members. They don’t seem to be able to follow instructions. The Rams’ short temper and fidgetiness can be the cause of troubles if they aren’t too careful.

Aries Compatibility Traits

Aries and Aries

It is seen that Aries men and women are not very compatible with people of the same sign. They are too similar. And sometimes this can work out in their favor.

Aries and Taurus

The Aries and Taurus love compatibility is known for its clash of egos. The Bull is known to complete what he starts whereas the Arian leaves stuff incomplete.

Aries and Gemini

The Aries and Gemini relationship work out well as both are socially inclined. But any sign of dominance and the Gemini will rebel.

Aries and Cancer

There exists a strong attraction between this couple. But the moody Crab can be a put off for the extrovert Arian.

Aries and Leo

This fiery relationship is one that might last, provided both make some effort to keep their dominance under control.

Aries and Virgo

This Aries compatibility will work out if there is genuine love between the couples.

Aries and Libra

This relationship can go a long way if both work on each other’s weaknesses and use it to their advantage.

Aries and Scorpio

The Scorpion will forever be jealous of the Aries’ fair share of admirers. And the Ram will never understand their lover’s need for secrecy.

Aries and Sagittarius

This is an excellent zodiac love match with great energy levels and sexual passion.

Aries and Capricorn

The Aries can never understand the Capricorn’s passion for work. This partnership will last only if there is some fun element included.

Aries and Aquarius

This is not a complimentary match as both are opposite personalities.

Aries and Pisces

This is a peaceful relationship where each will allow the other to live in their world.

Aries Love and Romance

Loving an Aries personality is like always being on the run. Be it a date or just a cup of coffee or a sexual affair; the Arians are still in a hurry. One needs to be alert and ready to act if this relationship with the Aries zodiac sign is to succeed. They love to be pampered by their lovers especially after a fight or an argument.

A mentally intellectual and physically challenging partner is the most likely to last long with an Aries lover. Dating an Aries is not an easy proposition. Do so only if you are sure you can keep up with their fast pace. Experimentation too is an essential aspect of their relationships. All said and done, the Aries are known for their compassion and romantic ideas.

Aries Career and Profession

Aries astrology shows that the Rams are independent and self-reliant by nature. Thus they are most likely to do well in careers and professions that are challenging. They tend to make good bosses ad leaders. Their never-say-die attitude works in their favor. Arians make good athletes, innovators, journalists, and doctors.

Aries Money and Finance

Wealth and money do not make much of a difference to the Aries zodiac sign. Reputation and fame are what matters to them. They tend to go overboard when they have money in their pockets. Saving and budgeting don’t exist in their vocabulary. If they have the money, they will flaunt it and help needy people.

Aries Health and Wellness

The Aries sun sign rules over the face, skull, and jaws. Hence the Arians are prone to illnesses dealing with the face. This may include cold, sinusitis, cough, teeth pain, migraine, and hair loss. Also, they are impulsive by nature. The Aries zodiac sign is also prone to accidents that can hurt their face or head. Memory problems and nervous disorders like depression too might be shared amongst the Aries.

Famous Aries People

Lady Gaga, Adolf Hitler, Butch Cassidy, Emma Watson, Peyton Manning, Mariah Carey, Jackie Chan, Raphael, Ali Akbar Khan, Johan Sebastian Bach

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