Axe Arabic Zodiac Sign

Axe Arabic Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The Axe is a fair, intelligent, timid, and altruistic weapon.

He is a partisan of justice and equality, as he aspires to peace and harmony in the world. he disapproves of conflict, injustice, and any form of egoism.

Very social, the Axe is generous and open to others, without giving up his conservative ideas. Moreover, he has the unfortunate tendency to consider that the people around him necessarily share the same values.

In his youth, his overconfidence often leads to bitter disappointments. Because he tends to trust everyone periodically attracts malicious beings who will not hesitate to tap into his resources, sometimes even without him noticing.

Although he agrees, as a result of his previous negative experiences, of the need to keep his distance from over-friendly strangers, his mental constitution often prevents him from putting himself in reserve for too long and pushes him to repeat the same errors of judgment again and again.

It is only after a painful ordeal that the Axe finally manages to preserve his interests and his integrity. Only he doesn't adopt his new attitude in the half-measure. Like the Axe he is, he acts in a radical way and cuts short any potential attempt of rapprochement, that he will now observe with a suspicious eye. Therefore, this eventual change in behavior is likely to isolate him, because rather than taking the risk of being mistaken about someone, he prefers to choose voluntary solitude.

Aside from his tumultuous social relationships, the Axe loves to study and master new skills. Nevertheless, the more he refines his knowledge, the more he gets to understand the extent of his ignorance, especially as his thirst for knowledge is never satisfied. The Axe aspires so much to climb up the social ladder and he perseveres in his work despite all the encountered obstacles.

The Axe is qualified and efficient and usually produces much more than he can consume himself. One day or another, his prolific productivity finally gives him the edge over his competitors. If the Axe hasn’t been confronted with any irreversible negative situations during his early life, he should evolve easily in society and consolidate his achievements with time.

On the sentimental level, the Axe falls in love with the people in whom he manages to perceive the reflection of his soul. Passionate and romantic, he has an intense need for tenderness. The Axe is capable of many sacrifices to his partner, provided that his love is reciprocal, unconditional, and exclusive.


Schoolteacher, teacher, religious, journalist, nurse, midwife, postman, stuntman, PR consultant, blogger, YouTuber, self-taught


Arabic Sign Compatibility
Knife 💜💜
Dagger 💜💜💜
Cutlass 💜💜💜💜
Arabian Dagger 💜💜
Iron Mass 💜
Peasant Club 💜💜💜💜
Axe 💜💜💜
Chain 💜💜
Sword 💜💜
Lance 💜💜💜
Slingshot 💜💜💜
Bow 💜💜


The zodiac sign of Pisces is in correspondence with the Arabic astrological sign of the Axe. However, being Pisces doesn't mean that one is automatically the Arabic sign of the Axe. Indeed, your weapon in the Arabic horoscope depends on your solar sign but also your place of birth and the occupation of your parents. Use our free calculator to calculate your true Arabic sign according to traditional Arabic astrology and discover its meaning, character, and horoscope, whether you are a man or a woman.


Date of Birth: the sun crosses the zodiac constellation of Pisces between February 19 until March 20
Symbol: the Fish
Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Jewel: Ivory

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