How The Moon Transit Affects Our Zodiac

How The Moon Transit Affects Our Zodiac

Every Astrologer agrees that the Moon is one of the most important figures in astrology. It is not only responsible for the ups and downs and various aspects of nature but also has a profound influence on our attitude, state of mind, and mood. The Moon's transit through each zodiac sign is an interesting phenomenon to follow and can explain the sudden change in each of our personalities. Our in-house fortune-teller; Susan Taylor explains what happens when the Moon is at every sign.

As the Moon moves past the zodiac signs, it highlights the natural energy of the signs it passes. Transit through signposts is very fast, which means that extra rhythm is added to the existing characteristics of each sign. How does the moon at each sign affect you?

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How do the Lunar transits impact us?

The Moon's transit through each sign affects how people feel about themselves and the level of satisfaction they get from their current life. It also touches on the way they view their relationships with children, parents, family life, and other areas related to their roots.

Aries Zodiac Sign

Sensitivity is stimulated and disturbed by aggressive eddies or impulses, which are expressed here by Mars, the ruler of Aries. So far, individuals tend to show themselves through their sensitivity. When the Moon is in Aries, we naturally gravitate towards sublime situations. We are also prone to sudden despair when we make a mistake following a bad decision.

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Meeting of the Moon and Venus; The ruler planet of Taurus, made sensuality intensify. Our sensitivity is thus centered on the joys of our life and our feelings. This month's transit pushes us towards emotional devotion but makes it difficult for us to express ourselves. It often makes us naive, but also resentful when betrayed or disappointed. Our deep-rooted needs for material well-being and safety are also strengthened.

Gemini Zodiac Sign

The sensitive qualities of the Moon, here at Mercury's house, are stimulated by mental agitation which can make the mind either highly imaginative, sociable, and communicative or, conversely, detached and distant. In either case, there is a kind of youthful joy, a developing sense of humor, and curiosity that lives on when the Moon is on Gemini. These events can sometimes lead to subtle multiple personalities or a tendency to be confused.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

When the Moon arrives home, the sensitivity is fully and freely expressed. When the Moon is in Cancer, this configuration makes us even more romantic. Although, their sensitive qualities are still dominant. When this transit occurs, people need tenderness, compassion, protection, understanding, and security. However, we can expect tantrums to escalate around this time; seatbelt!

Leo Zodiac Sign

Here the quality of the Moon is warmed by the presence of the Sun in Leo. The sensitivity then becomes radiant and warm and merges well with the desires of the individual who tends, unconsciously, to become more independent. When the Moon is in Leo, our sensitivities are often overpowered and burned by the flames of desire and desire. On the other hand, our pride becomes stronger, along with our desire to experience rare sensations.

Virgo Zodiac Sign

Present in Mercury's second home, the Moon is now fixated on the practical details of material life. The Moon in Virgo reveals to individuals a sensitivity associated with the present, which prohibits them from any form of neglect. However, it also hides a very subtle nature, which is always looking for the latter or, on the contrary, a reasonable and justified detachment from life.

Libra Zodiac Sign

Sticking to a plan is the focus when the Moon is in Libra. Being completely in tune with yourself and comfortable with your skin is important. Removing negative influences from our environment is important to make us feel in perfect balance with our ideas and values. Emotions may be high, but logical thinking will persist and help you take control. Making decisions is difficult and you will be at a loss as to what to do.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Things might get intense when the Moon is in Scorpio. Our feelings will be strengthened, which is why every drop of joy or even discomfort feels like being multiplied by 100. Our zeal and desire to progress will be stronger than ever during this Transit of the Moon and will help us get important things done. This month's events will keep us strong and help us set goals for the future.

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

The moon in Sagittarius will increase our optimism and ensure we focus on good vibes. During this transit, we will be determined to make changes in our lives, find new paths, and get away from negativity. Moving forward and focusing on a brighter future is what matters here. Your spontaneous and fun-loving personality will be strengthened, which will lead to some good memories being made.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Whenever the Moon is on Capricorn, we immediately become more serious and more focused on our purpose in life. Not a second is wasted if we are to achieve greatness and this transit reminds us of this. Success and admiration are what motivate us to do better and move forward. Now is the time to sow the seeds of hard work if you are to be successful in the long term. This period has a positive influence on those of us who have big dreams.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Every time the Moon enters Aquarius, we feel the need to learn new things and explore different horizons. This month's events will see us develop new and intellectual relationships that will help us in our careers. Change is likely to occur at this moment and you will find yourself one step closer to your goal. Your deep need for freedom and expression will likely increase as well.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

When the Moon enters Pisces, we immediately plunge into a dreamy and strange mood. Our imagination and sense of creativity will know no bounds and we will come up with some great ideas. Changes of the heart can also be triggered during this astrological event and it may even change our life for the better.

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