Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The Leo zodiac sign is the most dominating and successful of all the star signs. It comes fifth in Western astrology and is considered to be a fire sign. These people are extroverts and excellent orators who just love to be adored. Being ambitious and determined, they usually get their way in anything they put their mind to.

The Leo personality makes an excellent boss or leader but they do not make good co-workers. They are just not used to taking orders from anyone. Leos are highly confident in their abilities and never let self-doubt affect their decision-making skills. They will just not take no for an answer. Words like no, never, nothing do not exist in their dictionary. The Lion’s commanding nature doesn’t allow anyone to disobey them.

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The Leo traits show them to have a magnetic and charming personality. They love living a lavish lifestyle and believe in quality. Also, they have a sixth sense when it comes to planning for the future and adaptable to any new situation in a second. They can be human and helpful if they choose to be, provided their efforts are appreciated.

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Leo: Facts & Figures

  • Birth Dates – July 23rd – August 22nd
  • Zodiac Symbol – Lion
  • Zodiac Element – Fire
  • Domicile Planet – Sun
  • Detriment Planet – Saturn
  • Exaltation Planet – Pluto
  • Lucky Day – Sunday
  • Birthstone – Peridot
  • Lucky Colors – Gold, Orange
  • Lucky Numbers – Five, Nine
  • Zodiac Quality – Fixed
  • Lucky Gemstones – Amber, Ruby, Jacinth, Peridot
  • Lucky Metals – Gold

Leo Positive Traits

Their tenacity and determination make Leo zodiac sign shine the most in life, more than any other zodiac sign. They are straightforward and uncomplicated, things that are very desirable in most individuals. They are also sincere in their relations. Thus, they often resort to constructive criticism to help their friends and loved ones.

Leos are natural leaders and by nature, are very courageous and daring. These people constantly attempt to lead by example. They are not like other so-called leaders who push people ahead of them. A Leo General will fight with others in the front line. They will not sit back and bark orders, while others fall to bullets. They are also truthful by nature and wholehearted people.

A Leo star sign person will live lavishly and entertain magnanimously. They may loan you a sum of money, and when you say it would be difficult to repay them all at once, might even waive off the entire amount! Like the King of the Jungle, the Leo male/female has a distinct grace and dignity of character. This is also displayed in the way they talk and walk. They are also idealistic, honest, and highly principled in their characters.

Leo Negative Traits

Leo sun sign is the most likely to induce negative feelings in another person during the first interaction itself. They are extremely dominating in character, and others find this to be very intimidating. At other times, Leos may be very meddling and constantly interfering in others’ problems.

Leo characteristics show that they are also very egoistic, another undesirable trait. They always have this belief that no one else can do things better than they can. Not only that, they often tend to belittle other people by making constant comparisons, with themselves. This dominating nature also makes them lose the love of their life, but what do they care about. On the whole, because of their high level of expectations, Leos are often disappointed in life, since their partners run away from them after some time.

Leo Compatibility Traits

Leo and Aries

The attraction between Leo and Aries could be sizzling and instantaneous coupled with a lot of passion.

Leo and Taurus

Taurus may not resist falling in love with Leo, as Leo’s strength, affection, kindness, and bearing is very striking.

Leo and Gemini

The Leo and Gemini sun signs adapt very well to each other’s moods. So, this can turn out to be a good union.

Leo and Cancer

With all the personality clashes between the Lion and the Crab, this would be an unsteady union.

Leo and Leo

Relationship of a Leo with another Leo would not go well as both are inflexible or they will get on like a house on fire.

Leo and Virgo

Leos prefer living for the moment. On the other hand, Virgo lives in the mental world of the future.

Leo and Libra

The Leo zodiac sign and Libra both possess warm characters but they don’t have any love compatibility.

Leo and Scorpio

The Leo relationship with the Scorpio would be troublesome and filled with jealousy.

Leo and Sagittarius

The compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius can be fabulous and extremely compatible.

Leo and Capricorn

Thus, Leo and Capricorn are poles apart and thus their alliance isn’t a compatible one.

Leo and Aquarius

The Leo relationship with Aquarius would be difficult to sustain.

Leo and Pisces

Leo will feel puzzled and irritated with the Pisces’ cool and calm personality.

Leo Love & Romance

Leos as lovers are very romantic and passionate in body, mind, and soul. They love to pamper their soul mates and buy them expensive gifts. They will go to any extent to please their partners.

But in return, the Leo zodiac sign would want to be the boss in the relationship. They tend to be dominating and aggressive when their pride is hurt. But they also have strong bonds of loyalty and attachment with their soul mates. Their charisma and magnetism cannot be compared to that of any other star sign.

Leo Career & Profession

Leo astrology shows that people born under this sign are courageous, confident, and independent. They are very particular about their work and make excellent leaders in all fields. They make role models and people get inspired by them.

But the Lions should not let success and prosperity get to their head. They should also not become complacent and start taking things easy. Good careers for the Leo zodiac sign would be a profession that always keeps them in the limelight. Teaching, management, sports, and architecture would be good career choices for them.

Leo Money & Finance

Leo zodiac sign is generally surrounded by the golden glow of money and is pampered with lots of riches. These people love to take risks when the scenario is in their favor. They hate to be defeated by circumstances. These people have a gambling tendency that if interrupted by their ego may lead to bad decisions.

Leos strongly believe that money is there to shower them with all the material comforts that they desire to possess. And, this list can be endless – from a great house to a sports car to a luxury cruise and so on. However, managing their finances doesn’t come easily to the Leo personality. The good thing is that even when these people overspend, they have enough resources to nullify the damage.

Leo Health & Well Being

People belonging to the Leo sign mainly suffer from heart diseases. The most common being heart attack due to blocked arteries. Often, nervous tension also adversely affects the heart of these people. Rheumatic heart disease, pain in the back and lungs, sickness in ribs and sides, jaundice and eye problems are some other ailments that bother the Leos.

The Leo zodiac sign should exercise regularly and take proper food to have sound health. They should also involve themselves in a lot of physical work to negate the effect of stress from their body. People under the influence of this sign should avoid spicy and stimulating foods and drinks. Foods recommended for these people are dates and plums, spinach, raisins, pears, and oranges.

Famous Leo People

Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, J. K. Rowling, Usain Bolt, Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, Kenny Rogers, Lucille Ball

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