Coronavirus Predictions: Astrologer Susan Taylor Tells All

Coronavirus Predictions: Astrologer Susan Taylor Tells All

In these times of crisis, our future has never looked so uncertain... When will we overcome the Coronavirus outbreak and be able to get back to our normal lives? How will the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak develop? When will find normality again?

Our astrologer, Susan Taylor gives us her predictions on what’s coming next and what we should be prepared for.


In keeping with the gloomy atmosphere brought by the Covid-19 epidemic around the world, let's have a quick recap of what we have announced earlier to try to understand the message and where we are headed. Here's what we predicted in previous articles in 2019 (World War 3) and early January 2020, which we published on Indoramal mainly related to the Saturn Pluto Conjunction in Capricorn:

“In 2020, heads of state will be threatened, both in terms of their power and own existence. From a climate point of view, there could be even more signs of disruption than in 2019. We will, therefore, be forced to speed up our process to save the Earth (...) For example, we can envisage drastic global decisions to save our planet, to be able to continue to eat and to breathe, simply.

(...) With Capricorn being a sign of pragmatism, we can very well imagine in 2020 a total reorganization of the world economy (with the tensions that this may imply) to save our lives and future lives.

In 2018, 2019, we were becoming aware of the challenge, now we are in the action of this process of change. It all feels like a rebirth...”

We also talk about the extreme tensions we will experience: on March 20, the conjunction of Mars Jupiter in Capricorn is followed on March 23 by the conjunction of Mars-Pluto in Capricorn. All of this is following the lockdown measures in various countries and the spread of the virus around the world. As well as the battles fought by the nannies, sad news, and sadness.

Today, while some countries are in lockdown, the economy appears to have stopped or slowed significantly, we also count our “sick”, “cured” and “dead” us. Let us not forget that we are in the process of total metamorphosis and that we must implement drastic changes in our way of life, our budget priorities and values. We must forget about current patterns of performance above all else, reconsider our ideas of success, be more satisfied with our “being” and not our “assets.”

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

So, let's come back to this Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn which was exact on January 12, 2020 (Let's not forget that Jupiter and Mars then amplified these influences in March 2020).

Pluto is a planet of power, of absoluteness but also of the quest for authenticity and Saturn is a star of stripping, rigor, and austerity. Saturn destroys everything it doesn’t like and Pluto is knowing for rebirthing things. The symbols of death are very present here but these planets are in Capricorn; a sign which represents the systems in place, finances, and methods. Today’s crisis, therefore, leads us to review our notions of power, success, and wealth.

Does our wealth mean that we have to pollute our earth? Do we have to produce more and more and consume excessively? Do our wealth and power have to include us polluting with airplanes while others struggle to make ends meet? Is our wealth resumed by governing a country with the use of weapons, racism, and the supremacy of money? This epidemic shows us where the real heroes are, the ones we can admire for their hard work and dedication. Those who work today for our well-being, for our health, who remain in the shadows and who lack means!

Coronavirus predictions: What will happen month by month?

What will happen now? Here are our predictions for global level events over the next few months.

In 2021, we will be torn between Saturn and Uranus which will encourage us to let go of the system and break our habit of moving forward with progressive and more ecologically friendly ideas. Despite the strong pull, we still have a hard time understanding the lesson. Here's what we can expect over the next few months.

In mid-April

Saturn and Mars are moving away from the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction: That means, we may have passed the scariest phase of the Coronavirus. The panic will begin to subside and things can calm down a little.

Early May

Pluto (retrograde) and Jupiter moving away: Here we will begin to feel the tension easing, with the virus getting weaker. Saturn in Aquarius allows us to predict the possibilities of a cure and even a vaccine. This configuration shows progressive boundary releases that are in progress in several countries.

In May, Saturn's fall in Aquarius suggests that our freedom will be limited even if we are no longer restricted. We will still walk on eggshells and away from victory.

In June

Jupiter and Pluto's retrograde will be getting closer and closer to each other, which should alert us to the resurgence of the virus (Jupiter Pluto's conjunction to be precise on June 30) and then in July. Therefore, in mid-June, Mars and Neptune will be well-connected can bring hope, the good news about medical advances!

In August

Mars in Aries will be poorly connected to Jupiter-Pluto and then Saturn, which returns to Capricorn and is, therefore, getting worse, possibly showing more warning signals in some countries. It may not be possible for us to travel to some countries. The rules will be strict and if we don't follow them, things will turn out badly.

In September

In the second half of September and October, Mars retreated to Aries and will be poorly connected to Saturn-Pluto. This planetary configuration can once again send out alerts about infections and viruses. Fortunately, a well-connected Neptune is still a welcome medical solution.

In November

Jupiter connected Pluto in December, Jupiter connected Saturn and Mars will remain aggressive during these two months and mark the last stage of the strain associated with the virus.

Therefore, we could experience moments of lull and lockdown until this summer, but we have to be very vigilant to avoid the return of the virus and new confinements during the last quarter of 2020. Of course, moods and actions will differ from country to country. For the nation. Above all, don't forget that the 2021 aspects won't be that strict. Therefore, we can turn the page about Coronavirus, but we will never forget it. We will, as Saturn and Uranus point out, thrown into our economic reorganization and hopefully overhauling our systems to better prepare from now on and avoid this kind of crisis.

So, let's be careful, don't claim your winnings too soon, but let's stay positive and fierce between now and 2021!

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