7 Facts about Isabella Guzman, an 18-year-old girl who stabbed her mother 151 times

7 Facts about Isabella Guzman, an 18-year-old girl who stabbed her mother 151 times

Isabella Guzman's name is currently becoming a hot topic on many social media. Isabella Guzman is a girl from Colorado, the United States, who killed her mother in 2013. When the murder case occurred, Isabella Guzman was still an 18-year-old teenage girl.

However, although Isabella Guzman was found guilty of stabbing her mother, she was not found guilty in court. Regarding the murder case committed by Isabella Guzman, here are the facts quoted by Indoramal.com from various sources.

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1. Relationship between Isabella Guzman and her mother

Based on information from his stepfather, Isabella Guzman and his birth mother have a relationship that is not very good. The relationship between the two got worse when his mother decided to remarry.

Isabella Guzman and her mother often quarreled, but over time her attitude became increasingly rude and disrespectful to her parents.

2. Isabella Guzman Send Threat E-mail

Before committing her cruel act, Isabella Guzman sent an e-mail to her mother. In the e-mail she sent, Isabella wrote threats to her mother. “You will pay,” reads the e-mail.

Because of this, her mother even called the police because she was so scared of her attitude.

3. Isabella Guzman stabbed her mother while in the bathroom

Isabella Guzman's stepfather Ryan Hoy revealed that the murder took place in the bathroom. At around 10 pm local time, Ryan Hoy called 911 to report that Isabella Guzman was beating his wife in a locked bathroom.

Ryan Hoy was at home when a fight broke out. He said his wife had just returned from work around 9:30 p.m. when she went upstairs to take a shower. At that time, he was having dinner when he heard a thump upstairs, and his wife called his name.

He ran to the bathroom upstairs, but Isabella quickly closed and locked the door, and he saw blood running under the door.

After that, Isabella came out of the bathroom and walked out holding her knife, staring straight ahead as she passed her stepfather and came down.

4. Isabella Guzman Arrested after being Fugitive for 16 hours

After committing her cruel act, Isabella ran to the convenience store near her house to clean herself. Isabella told the shop clerk that she admitted to being raped and asked permission to wash her hair in the sink and change her clothes.

However, she asked minimarket officers not to call the police and refused to escorted home. Until finally, Isabella Guzman was arrested after 16 hours on the run.

5. Trial evidence, Isabella Guzman stabbed her mother 151 times

In August 2013, Isabella Guzman was arrested on suspicion of committing first-degree murder when she was 18 years old. In a written statement on the day of Isabella's arrest, she is accused of having stabbed her birth mother 79 times.

Initially, it was reported that Guzman had stabbed her mother, 47-year-old Yun Mi Hoy, 79 times in the face and neck, but court testimony shows that she stabbed her mother 151 times, including 35 times in the face and 51 times. on the neck. He then finished him off by beating her with a baseball bat.

6. Isabella Guzman declared innocent

However, at the court, the judge reviewed the results of the mental evaluation and found Guzman innocent of being considered insane. Even so, the public prosecutor insisted that Isabella's crimes be properly punished.

7. Isabella Guzman was sent to a mental hospital

She had been sent to the Colorado Institute of Mental Health in Pueblo. Dr. Richard Pounds said that Guzman was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. “There were obvious signs of hallucinating,” said Pounds.

“She was staring into space, having conversations with people who were not present, and she was laughing at herself,” he added.

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