7 Signs A Narcissist Is Manipulating You

7 Signs A Narcissist Is Manipulating You

Narcissists’ excessive sense of self-importance and lack of empathy for others are what make them dangerous. Driven by selfishness, they will stop at nothing to ensure that they get what they want through their expert manipulations.

Being in control is their craft.

They can be so great at what they do you may not even notice that you are a victim until such time that they’ve already sucked the life out of you. That's why recognizing their cheating methods is so helpful in protecting yourself from their malicious attacks.

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Whether you simply want to get awareness or suspect that you are being played upon, read on to know about a narcissist’s subtle tactics.

All they talk about is themselves

Narcissists are characteristically described as self-absorbed.

Their desire to be always the center of attention makes it possible for them to keep babbling about their own experiences and accomplishments for long periods without giving you even a single chance to speak your mind.

When you finally get to talk, they show no interest in listening to what you have to say. They are indifferent to other people’s stories of victories and skillfully shift the spotlight back to them.

Over time, they can manipulate you into thinking that they are always good and right and that your opinion is insignificant.

They diminish your real worth

At first, their charm and seemingly genuine praises may lead you into thinking that they treat you with high regard but the truth about their controlling personality will, later on, show when they start devaluing your qualities that they made you believe they once liked.

By making you feel that you always fall short of their expectations, they can easily attack your self-esteem and get you to do everything they want to please them.

They constantly target your insecurities

Their exaggerated sense of superiority makes it common for narcissists to lift themselves at the expense of others.

They wound you with insults, pointing out flaws that you have long been anxious about.

Often, they also mask their real malice of shaming you in the form of jokes, sarcastic lines, and false praises conditioning you to believe that they don’t mean to offend, hence, giving them the upper hand to say whatever they like whenever they want to.

This dominance emphasizes their illusion that no one else can ever be better than them.

Aggression is key to their game

Narcissists are obsessed with taking control despite their inability to handle their own emotions well. Threats and physical violence are their usual tactics to keep you under their power.

They shatter your independence and make sure that you act exactly according to their bidding.

They are good at playing the victim

Pretending to be a victim is an effective way for narcissists to satisfy their constant need for attention.

Your empathy makes you the real victim by being more vulnerable to their ceaseless manipulation.

They also use this method to make you feel guilty about something you have no reason to feel bad about so they can justify their wicked ways.

They make everything your fault

Their fantasy world of perfection makes narcissists believe that they are blameless.

By projecting their malicious thoughts and cruel behavior onto you, they can turn the tables around and convince you that the problem lies with you.

This, in turn, creates doubt within yourself and makes you weak in defying their tight hold over your life.

They use triangulation

Narcissists are skilled in maintaining a positive public perception which is rooted in their deep desire for admiration.

They use this to their advantage when telling others their version of the story and getting them to take their side.

In the triangulation method, they involve another person who has been previously convinced that you are the one at fault. This person will then support them by defending them against you. With this, they can get away from any wrongdoing.

These non-obvious tactics may seem insignificant at first but are sure to cause you more damage in the long run.

Recognizing these unacceptable behaviors is only the first step. Setting healthy boundaries to guard your heart or completely cutting them out of your life is next.

But above all, having a good grip on reality can save you a lot of pain and confusion from a narcissist’s manipulative mind.

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