Celtic Hawk Animal Zodiac Sign

Celtic Hawk Animal Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The Celts assigned great meaning to hawks. When a hawk appeared, it was a symbol that did not go unnoticed.

The Celts regarded the hawk as a strong omen because the hawk carried messages from the Otherworlds. It meant both to beware and to be aware. Be alert because something is about to happen. Keep an eye out for trouble and be prepared to act quickly.

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If the Celts saw a hawk that was circling, it foretold both victory and death.

Because the Celts believed hawks brought messages from beyond, they also believed the hawk symbolized the need to look at one's life. Examine what is positive so that it can be allowed to continue, but also see what is holding one back so it can be let go.

Hawks in Celtic Astrology

The Hawk is the Celtic Animal Sign for people born March 18 – April 14. The Hawk is also the symbol of the Celtic Alder Tree Sign.

Celtic Hawk Mythology

The hawk was a symbol of the Celtic god Bran. There are many myths about Bran throughout Britain and Ireland. He is described as a giant, a warrior-king, and a deity. As “Bran the Blessed”, he was the King of the Isle of the Mighty (Britain) and ruled from his throne in Wales. In Irish myths, Bran was the son of Febal and traveled to the “Otherworld Islands” where he had many adventures – a tale similar to the Greek story of Jason and the Golden Fleece.

Celtic Hawk Tattoo Meanings

A Celtic hawk tattoo is a reminder to observe everything, down to the smallest detail. Act swiftly and cunningly.

A Celtic hawk tattoo can also act as a reminder to focus on the positive and what's working right in your life. If something is holding you back or bringing you down, let it go.

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