Celtic Seahorse Animal Zodiac Sign

Celtic Seahorse Animal Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The seahorse is a unique creature with diverse meanings.

Many cultures, including the Celts, associated the seahorse with sea gods, giving it the meaning of strength and power.

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For the Celts, the meaning of the seahorse also included all the mystical qualities of water, connecting it to the imagination and creativity.

This connection to water led the Celts to view the seahorse as a good luck charm at sea. It was thought to bring both courage and a safe voyage.

Many ancient people didn't understand the seahorse. Its odd appearance and characteristics often caused it to be thought of as a type of water dragon. This can be seen in Celtic artwork where the seahorse is represented as having the head and neck of a horse, the tail of a fish, and webbed front feet. This seahorse symbol can still be seen in the crest of the city of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Seahorses in Celtic Astrology

The Seahorse is the Celtic animal sign for people born February 19 – March 27. The Seahorse also represents the Celtic Ash Tree Sign.

Celtic Seahorse Mythology

The Celts associated the seahorse with their sea gods. They believed it could change its shape at will.

Most Celtic myths about the seahorse place it in a lake, like a type of lake monster. However, some stories do place it in the sea.

Some stories have the seahorse luring humans onto its back so that it could drag them under the water and eat them.

Celtic Seahorse Tattoos

Celtic seahorse tattoos have a wide range of meanings.

Many men choose to get seahorse tattoos when they become fathers. As it is the male seahorse that gets pregnant, the seahorse tattoo represents vigilance and courage.

Seahorses are graceful swimmers who do not change to adapt to their environment. This gives seahorse tattoos the meaning of “stay true to yourself.”

Seahorses change colors when they threatened. In this respect, Celtic seahorse tattoos can mean creativity and protection.

Seahorses have incredibly strong tails. They use their tales to grab onto seaweed and other plants to remain in place despite the pull of the tide and currents. This gives Celtic seahorse tattoos the meaning of strength.

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