Celtic Dragon Animal Zodiac Sign

Celtic Dragon Animal Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - Dragons are mythical creatures that have existed in cultures around the world for centuries.

The Celts believed dragons were creatures of magic and power. Their very presence could affect how magic flowed through the land.

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Celts thought dragons were wingless creatures, appearing as worms or water-serpents. As dragons traveled across the land they created lines (called “ley lines” or “dragon lines”) in the earth. The lines were conduits of energy. Any place where the lines crossed was a place of increased power. An example of this is Stonehenge where many believe the sacred stone circle was built on a power center created by crossing ley (dragon) lines.

Dragons were so revered by the Celts that they were adopted as a symbol of the power of the chieftain. The Celtic name for chieftain is “Pendragon”.

The Celtic dragon is also a symbol of the military.

Celtic Dragon Mythology

Dragons appear throughout Celtic Mythology. They act as guardians of wisdom and knowledge, possessing the great vision and the power of prophecy. Dragons united the earth and sky and guarded treasures and the gates to other worlds.

Celtic Dragon Symbolism in Art

Celtic artwork often depicts dragons swallowing their tail, forming a never-ending circle reminiscent of the never-ending knot in the Celtic tree of life. Just as the never-ending knot represents eternal life, so does the Celtic dragon swallowing its tail.

Dragons in Celtic Astrology

The Green Dragon is the animal sign for those born January 21 – February 17. The Celts believed that the Green Dragon breathed fire that had the power to purify and give new life.

Celtic Dragon Tattoos

Celtic dragon tattoos typically depict the dragon as a mythical winged beast. However, the Celts thought dragons looked like worms or water serpents.

Celtic dragon tattoos often symbolized wisdom and power.

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