Celtic Reed Tree Zodiac Sign

Celtic Reed Tree Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The Celts considered Reed to be a type of tree because its dense root system is similar to that of a tree. Also, there are types of reeds that can grow to the height of a tree – 10 feet or more.

The Celts used reeds to make thatched roofs and flooring for their houses. The reeds kept out the rain, insulated the house, and helped cover up smells in the houses (reeds have a sweet smell when cut).

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Reeds were highly valued by bards because they could be made into flutes, whistles, and other wind instruments. The bards would use the reed instruments to entertain and educate with the stories they told. Reeds also make their music when the wind blows through a field of them.

Reeds were shaped into pens, which, when combined with their use as instruments by bards, gave them the meaning of communication and wisdom.

Celtic Symbol: White Hound

Characteristics of the Celtic Reed Zodiac Sign: If you're a Celtic Reed sign, you give off a lot of power – when you walk into a room, people sense your presence. You make things happen, and you have a desire to change the world around you. This can cause you to make a lot of enemies and to have a lot of people resist the change you seek. It isn't easy going, but you do survive the challenges you face.

New Moon Reed: If you were born during the first two weeks of the Celtic Reed Sign, you are a New Moon Reed. You are impatient and act on your instincts, quickly deciding if someone is your friend or foe. Once you make up your mind, it can be as difficult to change as it is to move a mountain. Your life isn't easy, but you are in control of your actions. You are very analytical and curious about how life works. Keep at it because you can learn what no one has before.

Full Moon Reed: If you were born during the last two weeks of the Celtic Reed Sign, you are a Full Moon Reed. You combine subtlety with assertiveness. This will allow you to accomplish much, but not without upsetting others along the way. You can smooth everything over if you allow your sense of fairness and compassion to guide you. When you do meet resistance, it will only help convince you that you are on the right path…and you will be even more determined to move forward.

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