6 Interesting Facts about Gypsies, Fortune-teller and be hunted by Nazi

6 Interesting Facts about Gypsies, Fortune-teller and be hunted by Nazi

There are many people with their own distinctive cultures that are scattered in the world. One of the people who have existed for a long time is the Romans. The Romans are known as the Gypsies. This tribe is believed to have originated from the Indian population who migrated to various parts of the world.

Many people know that the Gypsies are nomadic people. They are also known to be closed off to the outside world. But not only that, there are many interesting facts that the Gypsies have quoted by Indoramal.com from various sources.

1. Spread Around the World

Because they live in isolation, not a few people think that there are only a few Gypsies scattered in the world. It turns out that there are many Gypsies and are scattered all over the world. It is known that there are more than 11 million Gypsies in this world, even one million of them live in America.

2. Some Famous People Allegedly Derived Gypsies

Behind their self-isolating attitude, it turns out that they are also secretly working and famous. It is strongly suspected that famous people such as Elvis Presley and Bill Clinton were descended from the Gypsies.

3. Fortune teller

Even though life is chaotic, it turns out that the Gypsies are believed to be able to predict the future. Usually, they make predictions using tarot cards and crystal balls.

4. Clothes

When it comes to dressing, Gypsies prefer their own fashion. They don't want to follow clothing trends that exist in the world. In fact, not a few products or clothing companies make clothes by imitating Gypsy fashion.

5. Gypsy Culture Appointed into Movies to Video Games

Because it has a unique tradition and life, it is not uncommon for Gypsy culture to be elevated from films to video games. Many films include Gypsy culture, including Sherlock Holmes, Snatch, and Children of Men.

6. Hunted down by the Nazi

During the Second World War (WWII), it was not just a dark period for the Jews. At that time the Nazi army led by Adolf Hitler also hunted down the Gypsies. They were targeted by the Nazi regime. Thousands of Roma were killed during this time.

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