Celtic Hound Animal Zodiac Sign

Celtic Hound Animal Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The basic Celtic meanings and symbolism of the Hound are companionship, loyalty, protection, good luck, and guidance.

Hounds were vital to hunts, and the Celts rarely hunted without one. They were even trained to assist the Celts in battle. Hounds were such revered companions that the highest compliment one could make to a hunter or warrior was to compare him to his dog.

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Hounds were everywhere in Celtic villages. Not just protectors of the village, they were also seen as a symbol of good luck. More than just a companion in daily life, their images can be found throughout Celtic life: clothing, jewelry, and more.

Hound in Celtic Astrology

In Celtic Astrology, the White Hound is the Celtic Animal Sign for people born on October 28 – November 24. It is also the animal symbol for the Celtic Reed Tree Sign.

Celtic Hound Mythology

In Celtic Mythology, Arawn ruled Annwn, the Celtic equivalent of Christianity's heaven. Arawn had ghostly spectral hunting hounds that joined him on his hunt for souls. The Celtic White Hound is a symbol of Arawn's hounds.

Celtic Hound Tattoos: Meaning and Symbolism

Celtic Hound tattoos are about loyalty, faithfulness, and protection. They uplift the spirit at all times.

These tattoos also represent giving and receiving love unconditionally. They're about allowing people into your life, letting them know you need their companionship, while still being true to yourself.

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