Personality Type: ISTP [Analyzer, Crafter, Artisan, Pragmatist]

Personality Type: ISTP [Analyzer, Crafter, Artisan, Pragmatist]

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The cool, aloof, and socially cautious ISTP accounts make up around 2-6 percent of the general population. Thanks to their introversion (I), ISTP tends to quietly observe and analyze events without interrupting. Then, when they see a problem they can solve, they will usually jump in and offer a solution, shocking everyone with their wits; because ISTP keeps it to themselves, nobody expects this from them. Likewise, you don't want to mess around with ISTPs because the reaction can be very surprising, not only for you but also for themselves.

This is not a problem for ISTP. Their tendency to send mixed messages can be very confusing but also very interesting at the same time; These special characteristics make them very attractive to many people. The constant shift between enthusiasm and quiet reserve makes people off guard and makes them think about ISTP far more than they should. So what about you? Are you a mysterious and interesting ISTP? This scientifically validated test will help confirm or deny your suspicions!

There will be people who will try to change ISTP, to make it more predictable and reliable. Extroverted and Judging (E and J) types, in particular, are deeply disturbed by ISTP behavior and cannot forget the desire to "fix it". Impossible! ISTP does not want to change and can even obtain secret pleasure because it does not comply with social norms and remains mysterious (source: "Type Talk", Otto Kroeger).

ISTPs do not believe in planning. Instead of planning something, they prefer to be ready for anything. Because they constantly scan the world and look for explanations of why things happen the way they do, ISTP is usually well prepared for whatever life is thrown at them.

Another name for ISTP

Like others, ISTP personality types have several descriptive names. Following are the descriptive names given by some of the most prominent writers who wrote about the subject of 16 personality types:

  • Analytical Operator (Linda Berens)
  • Craftsman / Craftsman (David Keirsey)
  • Theory Testers (Alan Brownsword)
  • Athletic Artist (Jonathan P. Niednagel)
  • Pragmatic Logical (official MBTI test site)

In terms of the four classic personality types, ISTP is equivalent

  • Melancholic-Sanguine mixed type/temperament personality.

The meaning of ISTP

ISTP is an abbreviation of

  • Introversion. Introvert means that the focus of ISTP is directed inward.
  • Feel. Being sensing means that ISTP's view of the world is very concrete.
  • Think. Thinking is associated with objective decision making.
  • Assume. Being perceiving means that ISTPs in general are spontaneous people who deal with the world openly.

How ISTP communicates

As expected of all types of introverts, ISTP is not too friendly but can have several close friends. They tend to connect with others for the special interests they share or the activities they enjoy. According to Sandra Hirsch, author of lifestyles, ISTP's favorite sports includes skiing, bowling, soccer, surfing, and wrestling. David Keirsey, author of "Please Understand Me II", mentions racing, sky diving, and water skiing. Whatever it is, it must involve several risks and strategies to make activities interesting for ISTP. Like sanguine, ISTP is bad at tolerating boredom and requires constant stimulation and shock.

From an early age, ISTPs showed a lack of interest in traditional means of communication and instead communicated through action. Teachers can label them with learning disabilities, but every careful observer will see that ISTP is very intelligent, especially when it comes to working with tools, so the name is "Crafter" or "Artisan". ISTP will find some of the most complex tools very quickly and when he talks about it, he does it precisely and intelligently.

ISTP Learning Style

ISTP learns best from observation. Because they refuse to communicate as others do and because of their unwillingness to prepare for anything, ISTP education is often lacking. Despite being misunderstood and labeled with dyslexia, ADD, or hyperactivity, many ISTPs do well in life. From plumbers to pilots and from carpenters to jewelers and surgeons, the world is in dire need of practical ISTP skills and their beautiful eyes and hands.

When ISTP learns new skills, he usually will

  • optimize energy output so they can complete tasks at a satisfactory level with the minimum effort involved;
  • categorize things so that information can be understood and processed effectively;
  • demand for an independent learning environment;
  • choose projects with tangible and practical results.

ISTP in Love, Dating, and Relationships

ISTP may not be the easiest lover to deal with, but interesting to them isn't complicated: Find out what ISTP likes and share with it.

Likewise, ISTP will likely introduce you to its favorite activities at the beginning of a relationship - being interested in these things will give you some serious brownie points with your ISTP!

If there is no way you will participate in ISTP's favorite activities, you should at least be willing to give them a lot of freedom to do what they want to do.

ISTPs are not too vocal about their feelings and will express their affection by doing lots of little things for their partners. For ISTP, experience speaks for themselves, and words are not needed.

This also applies during difficult times. If something is disturbing ISTP, they will not discuss it with their partners. They will not work on the problem and focus on the overall relationship experience instead. If there isn't much publicity left between them and their partners, they might decide to move; and when they continue, they do it fully, without wasting time retaliating or obsessed with separation (Sandra Hirsch, LIFETypes).

ISTP Decision Making Style

ISTP tends to base their decisions on real and tangible data. Sometimes they may delay making decisions because they feel the need to check all the additional possibilities. Although generally spontaneous, ISTP makes decisions only after a rational and logical evaluation of all options.

ISTP Leadership Style

ISTP loves freedom and, when placed in positions of power, they manage others accordingly. Usually, ISTP leaders manage their subordinates very loosely, and unlike ISTJ or ISFJ, they rarely follow established policies and procedures. Even though they don't impose their will on others, they still expect all team members to contribute equally.

Overall, ISTP is a good leader who leads by example and allows their subordinates to develop under their leadership.

Ideal Job Settings for ISTP

Working within strict guidelines and requirements emphasizes ISTP. To be happy at work, ISTP requires:

  • an independent work environment,
  • not limited by unnecessary rules and procedures,
  • the opportunity to do something, which is to be active,
  • competent coworkers and supervisors,
  • the right balance between introverted and extroverted activities - too many extroverted activities can emphasize ISTP.

Best Careers for ISTP

  • Air Force Personnel
  • Air traffic controller
  • Animal trainer
  • Audiovisual Specialist
  • Automotive Product Retailer
  • Banker
  • Biologist
  • Budget Analyst
  • Building Inspector
  • Carpenter
  • Chef
  • Chiropractor
  • Civil Engineering
  • Trainer
  • Coal miners
  • Commercial Artist
  • Commercial Designer
  • Computer engineer
  • Computer programmer
  • Computer Repair People
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Company Executives
  • Cost Estimator
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Database Administrator
  • Dental hygiene
  • Detective
  • Driver
  • Economist
  • Electrical engineer
  • Electronic Technician
  • Emergency medical technician
  • Emergency room doctor
  • Engineer
  • Physiology Exercise
  • Farmers
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Firefighters
  • Flight Engineer
  • Forensic Science Technician
  • Geologist
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Jeweler
  • Labor
  • Landscape Architects
  • Machinist
  • Marine biologist
  • Mechanic
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Medical technician
  • Military officer
  • Office manager
  • Optician
  • Photographer
  • Physical Therapist
  • Pilot
  • Police
  • Private Investigator
  • Property manager
  • Securities Analyst
  • Service Workers
  • Software developer
  • Stock Brokers
  • Surgical Technician
  • Surgeon
  • Systems Analyst
  • Trainer
  • Transportation Workers
  • Web Developers

Random Facts About ISTPs

  • ISTPs will try almost anything once.
  • Dealing with people who are overly emotionally stressed ISTP.
  • ISTP tends to hold their opinions.
  • ISTPs are not good at expressing their feelings.
  • ISTP lives fully in the present and has difficulties with commitment and long-term planning.
  • ISTP wants to feel excited about something.
  • ISTP can be very receptive to a variety of behaviors and can associate with any personality type; however, they are usually bound only by those who have the same interests.
  • "Live and let live" is a typical ISTP approach to relationships.
  • Because of the tendency of ISTP to ignore rules and protocols, they can sometimes endanger themselves and others.
  • ISTP can leave the relationship relatively easily after completion.

Famous Person with ISTP Personality Type

  • Burt Reynolds
  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Tom Cruise
  • Red Adair
  • Bruce Lee
  • ISTP Character

This fictional character displays ISTP personality traits:

  • cat woman
  • Jacob Black from Twilight
  • Brett from Alien
  • Boba Fett from Starwars

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