Personality Type: ESTJ [Organizer, Supervisor, Administrator]

Personality Type: ESTJ [Organizer, Supervisor, Administrator]

INDORAMAL.COM - The ESTJ personality type accounts for around 8-12 percent of the general population, and this is the second most common type among men. When compared with the four personality types, ESTJ is the equivalent of the Choleric-Melancholic blend type, which explains their serious and impressive nature. Many of the properties of ESTJ are seen as conventional masculine: They are reliable, practical, logical, assertive, and firm-minded. In general, ESTJ is seen as an actor who takes decisions and acts quickly. Being Extroverted Judgers (EJ), ESTJ relies on logic and analysis. Some of their strongest points are their intense focus and ability to honor commitments.

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The meaning of ESTJ

ESTJ is an abbreviation

  • Open. Being extroverted means that ESTJ prefers to focus externally.
  • Feel. Being a Sensor, ESTJ pays more attention to facts and details than ideas, concepts, and feelings. In other words, ESTJ views the world "as it is", not as what could potentially happen.
  • Think. Having a style of thinking means that ESTJ relies more on objectivity and logic rather than feelings.
  • Rate. Having a judging orientation means that the ESTJ personality type prefers structure and organization. In other words, this is not a spontaneous type.

Another name for ESTJ

Like all other personality types, ESTJ has several descriptive names given by personality researchers:

  • Managing Supervisor (Linda Berens)
  • Organizer Commander (Alan Brownsword)
  • Administrator (David Keirsey, "Please Understand Me")
  • Supervisor (David Keirsey, "Please Understand Me II")
  • Life Administrator or Natural Living Administrator (Otto Kroeger)
  • Superintendent (Jonathan P. Niednagel)
  • Efficient Provider (official MBTI website)
  • Choleric-Melancholic (according to four personality type models)

Other popular online include "The Executive", "The Guardian" and "Overseer".

ESTJ Personality Overview

ESTJ is a logical and analytical person who excels in decision making. Early in their lives, they developed clear beliefs about how the world works and lives according to it. Even as children, ESTJ has its formula that helps them make good decisions.

ESTJ men and women are very results-oriented and don't like being unemployed. From a very young age, people belonging to this personality type look for meaningful activities, and generally, start working very early. ESTJ is not the type to suffer delays. Many things can motivate ESTJ, but their initial motivation usually consists of two things:

  • their high standards,
  • the desire to exceed the expectations of others.

Needless to say, this in itself is enough to do a good job. Given their perseverance and work ethic, it's not surprising that ESTJ is the highest-income personality type. Unlike many other types, young ESTJs are rarely confused about their future. From the start, they developed a series of personal and career goals and pursued these goals endlessly.

ESTJ are extroverts and enjoy interacting with people. They are managers of great people and enjoy the power associated with being responsible. People belonging to this personality type value commitment and constantly monitor the environment to ensure that everyone does their work. Sometimes, they may get carried away and become a little too aggressive and ignore the needs of others. ESTJ is not a sensitive type, and they certainly do not relate to their feelings and emotions, leaving the feelings and emotions of others.

ESTJ enjoys the structure and likes the schedule and agenda so they can plan. They like the to-do list because checking items gives them a feeling of satisfaction. ESTJ's life is a set of goals that are broken down into steps, and they enjoy being like that. Even old ESTJs will find something to live on their own and will plan their days hour by hour.

Free time is seen as a reward for work well done by ESTJ and even then their activities must have a purpose. For example, if they go for a walk, there must be a specific goal, such as losing weight or reaching a certain place, not just roaming the streets. Usually, they use their free time to achieve their personal goals, such as improving their home, improve their relationship, or achieve fitness goals.

ESTJ relationship

ESTJ is all about stability and security, and their love lives are no exception. While some types might argue that it's hard to share your life with someone who has a strong opinion about everything and who isn't too sensitive, there are many positive things too:

  • You will always know where you stand.
  • You will always be able to predict the reaction of your ESTJ partner.
  • You can always count on your ESTJ partner.
  • They will give you a safe and protected home.
  • They enjoy working on family projects.
  • They will do whatever tradition asks (eg, ESTJ men will protect and provide, ESTJ women will cook and take care of the house).

Although ESTJ men and women seem to have strong and strong personalities, they are, in fact, very sensitive in terms of rejection. When rejected, the typical ESTJ will try to hide the feelings of hurt and continue the day as usual, but in reality, their suffering is very intense. Testing your ESTJ commitments by staying away from them or breaking up with them is not a good idea because they might decide that the relationship is over and force themselves to continue. What ESTJ needs from that relationship is security, loyalty, friendship, and mutual support. Also, they tend to commit quickly and easily so they can focus on their other goals, such as career and financial goals.

ESTJ Learning Style

With their perseverance and ability to follow up, ESTJ makes good and respectable students. Like others, ESTJ prefers traditional structures that are well structured with clear goals and deadlines. ESTJ students do not like spontaneous changes in their learning schedules, but they will tolerate them if they can see why these changes are needed.

ESTJ career

ESTJ wants to work in a well-organized and task-oriented environment. To do their best, they need stability and certainty. Also, they don't like unnecessary changes and prefer the traditional way of doing things.

People who belong to this personality type are great and reliable employees. An orderly and logical ESTJ produces work on time and with the highest standards. Naturally, they often end up in leadership positions, which they usually enjoy. ESTJ leaders are known for their aggressive approach and are more task-oriented rather than people-oriented. Although ESTJ managers may seem rude, they care about their subordinates and want to know their opinions. Therefore, it is important to mention that ESTJ leaders still want to make their own final decisions.

ESTJ leaders will do it

  • make detailed plans to achieve results,
  • give clear instructions,
  • use time and resources effectively,
  • follow established policies and procedures,
  • lead by example and expect their subordinates to work as hard as they do.

ESTJ Job Listings

  • Administrator
  • Airline pilot
  • The auditor
  • Bank clerk
  • Budget Analyst
  • Clinical Technician
  • Computer analyst
  • Construction workers
  • cook
  • Credit Analyst
  • Database Manager
  • Dentist
  • Engineer
  • General Contractor
  • Factory Superintendent
  • Farmers
  • Financial Counselor
  • Health worker
  • Hotel manager
  • Insurance adjuster
  • Insurance agent
  • Military officer
  • Office manager
  • Pharmacist
  • Doctor
  • Police
  • Project manager
  • Property manager
  • Public Service Workers
  • Purchasing agent
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Restaurant owner
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales manager
  • Headmaster
  • Security
  • Social Service Workers
  • Stockbroker
  • Teacher

Random Facts About ESTJ Personality Types

  • ESTJ thinks in black and white terms.
  • They may inadvertently hurt the feelings of others and do not understand it.
  • They tend to believe that they are always right.
  • ESTJ is very risk-averse.
  • ESTJ has exceptional organizational skills.
  • ESTJ people tend to worry about their status, which might make them look rather materialistic.
  • ESTJ does not like disobedience.

Famous Person ESTJ

Following famous people and celebrities tends to be part of the personality type of ESTJ:

  • Harry S. Truman
  • Joan Rivers
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Henry Ford
  • Martha Stewart
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Vince Lombardi
  • George Washington
  • ESTJ characters

The following fictional characters display ESTJ characteristics:

  • Archie Bunker from "All in the Family"
  • Lucy Van Pelt from "Peanuts"

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