Celtic Oak Tree Zodiac Sign

Celtic Oak Tree Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The Oak Tree was the main sacred tree of the Druids. The Oak Tree month marked the turning of time from one of growth and increase to one of retreating to the earth. Its month contained the Summer Solstice, and the tree represented strength, success, healing, fertility, wealth, and good luck.

The wood from the oak tree is very strong and resilient. It's used for building houses, boats, barrels, furniture, and smoking meats, fish, and other food. Acorns are used to make flour and are a favorite food of hogs.

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The bark of the oak tree is used to treat sinus congestion. Acorns can be used for halitosis (bad breath) and constipation.

Celtic Symbol: White Horse

Characteristics of the Celtic Oak Zodiac Sign: If the Oak Tree is your Celtic zodiac sign, you are very optimistic and blunt. You are very protective of others and can often be found crusading for a cause. You easily see the bigger picture and know everything always works out for the best. You like being in control and thrive when surrounded by friends and family.

New Moon Oak: If you were born during the first two weeks of the Celtic Oak Zodiac Sign, you are a New Moon Oak. You enjoy the attention and like showing off. You are very generous and creative. Your generous nature requires that you don't agree to more than you can do.

Full Moon Oak: If you were born during the last two weeks of the Celtic Oak Zodiac Sign, you are a Full Moon Oak. Your life is often undergoing some sort of change and evolution. You are very independent and creative. You are a gifted writer and often find success no matter how impossible things appear.

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