Celtic Hawthorn Tree Zodiac Sign

Celtic Hawthorn Tree Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The Hawthorn tree is a member of the rose family. Like other roses, it's covered in prickly thorns. So much so, that the word hawthorn means “thorny hedge.”

The hawthorn has long been used in Britain and Germany as a hedgerow to define property boundaries and to “fence in” animals. The wood is often used for carvings and to make boxes and combs. It's also one of the best sources of wood for fire because it burns extremely hot.

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The hawthorn tree has been used medicinally since ancient Celtic times. Even today, it is used to treat high blood pressure and childhood diabetes. Its leaves can even be smoked like tobacco leaves for people who wish to quit smoking.

Hawthorn leaves can be chewed to suppress hunger or added to soups, much like you would add spinach. The berries are high in pectin, allowing them to be used to make jellies. The flowers can be eaten raw in salads, and the seeds can be roasted and used as a coffee substitute.

Hawthorn can be quite powerful, so caution should be taken and medical advice sought before use.

Celtic Symbol: The Chalice

Characteristics of the Celtic Hawthorn Zodiac Sign: If the Hawthorn Tree is your Celtic zodiac sign, you're constantly thinking of new things. Whether it's a new way to use something, or just an entirely new idea, something is always floating around in your mind.

This ability to come up with new things makes you highly adaptable to change. It also helps you to be a master strategist, easily able to overcome opponents and any obstacles in your path

You're a natural performer and enjoy being the center of attention. A career in the performing arts might be just the thing for you.

New Moon Hawthorn: If you were born during the first two weeks of the Celtic Hawthorn Zodiac Sign, you are a New Moon Hawthorn. You follow your instincts and can be impulsive. However, once you decide what to do, you are willing to work with others to make it happen. You're more reserved than the Full Moon Hawthorn, analyzing situations before putting yourself forward.

Full Moon Hawthorn: If you were born during the last two weeks of the Celtic Hawthorn Zodiac Sign, you are a Full Moon Hawthorn. You're quite the non-traditionalist and don't like to be pressured into commitments. You're very open-minded about things and have strong desires, but you have to be careful that you don't get distracted.

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