Celtic Butterfly Animal Zodiac Sign

Celtic Butterfly Animal Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - To the ancient Celts, butterflies meant transmutation and metamorphosis. Just as a butterfly's life begins as a grub, then progresses to a caterpillar, then pupae, and then to the chrysalis before being revealed as a butterfly, so too is a person's life a period of change and evolution.

Because the caterpillar must pass through the tomb-like chrysalis to become the butterfly, the chrysalis is a symbol of death and resurrection.

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When a butterfly appeared, the Celts saw it as a reminder to look at the important issues you are facing and to see what stage you are at with them. What is the outcome you want and what do you need to do to achieve it?

When Christianity began to spread, wearing a butterfly brooch or badge was a symbol of one's faith and a sign of respect for one's ancestors and gods.

Butterfly in Celtic Astrology

In Celtic Astrology, the Butterfly is the Celtic Animal Sign for people born September 30 -October 27. It is also the animal symbol for the Celtic Ivy Tree Sign.

Celtic Butterfly Mythology

In Celtic myths, human souls became butterflies between incarnations. The soul took on the shape of a butterfly to search for its mother.

Celtic mythology also connected the butterfly to the fairy realm.

Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

Celtic butterfly tattoos are a reminder to not take life so seriously. Life is always evolving and changing. Whatever is happening now is simply a stage that must be passed through so that you can grow and spread your wings.

Butterfly tattoos are also a sign of respect for your ancestors and ancestral memories.

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