Personality Type: ENTJ [The Fieldmarshal]

Personality Type: ENTJ [The Fieldmarshal]

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - ENTJ, one of the two types of high-income personalities, is known to be brave and assertive. ENTJ accounts for less than 3 percent of the general population, but among women, it is the rarest personality type. Also, ENTJ women are the highest earners; not only do they outperform women of other personality types, but they also make more money than ENTJ's high-income, extraordinary men. Because ambition, perseverance, logic, and achievement are ENTJ's core values, their financial success is not surprising. Let's look more closely at this personality type! Before we begin, it might be a good idea to take the scientific personality test offered by this indoramal. It only takes about 20 minutes!

The meaning of ENTJ

ENTJ is short for extraversion (E), intuition (N) (T), judging (J).

Extraversion (or other spelling variants of "extroversion") are associated with qualities such as outgoing, energetic, communicative, and dominant. This means that you are energized by engaging with others, and that also means you are enthusiastic about your life and like to feel energized.

Intuition is associated with being innovative, forward-thinking, and brave. Being intuitive means you tend to process information in an abstract, imaginative way. You pay more attention to general concepts and ideas while the facts and details are second.

Thinking is associated with character traits such as the analytical, rational, objective, maybe even blunt. Even if you don't mind helping others, you generally believe that everyone is responsible for looking after himself. Another noteworthy feature of all types of Thinking is that before making a decision they consider the costs and benefits impartially and impartially - something that not all types can do.

Assessing your style of self-management means you prefer structure and order. You want to stay organized, plan, and stay focused on your goals.

Another name for ENTJ

  • The official MBTI assessment site calls this type "Decisive Strategic".
  • David Keirsey, author of Keirsey Temperament Sorter and the books "Please Understand Me" and "Please Understand Me II" call this type The Fieldmarshal.
  • Alan Brownsword, author of "Psychological Types: An Introduction" and "Bringing All Types", called this type the Commandant Organizer.
  • Linda Berens, author of "The Sixteen Personality Type: Description for Self-Discovery" calls it Strategic Mobilizer.
  • Jonathan P. Niednagel, author of "Your Best Sport: How to Choose and Play It" and "Brain Typing", is called Chief Executive Officer of ENTJ.
  • Otto Kroeger, author of "Type Talk", "Type Talk at Work" and "16 Ways to Love Your Lover" called ENTJs Life's Natural Leaders.
  • Jaroslaw Jankowski in his book "The 16 Personality Types in a Nutshell" calls this type The Director.
  • Some other web sites take the liberty to find their name for ENTJ. This includes the Commander in Chief, Chairman, CEO, and other similar names.
  • When compared with the four classic personality types, ENTJ is purely tolerant.

How to Recognize ENTJ

Like other PB types (or Rational), ENTJ often appears as intellectual assumptions whose humorous ideas are sarcasm and who seem to enjoy the challenges of everything and everyone. Being extraverts, they like to talk to people, and many people find them at least somewhat intimidating Here are some other signs that you face with ENTJ:

  • They tend to repeat their points over and over as if to make sure you understand what they mean.
  • As the conversation progressed, they became more enthusiastic and enthusiastic.
  • Their appearance is clean, and their clothes are put together well. Usually, they will not wear anything fancy but will try to look sophisticated and classy.
  • They understand it very well.
  • They have a solution for everything.
  • They are intense.

Because introversion and extraversion are more spectra, some ENTJs may be less extra than others, in which case they can be confused with INTJ. This is the way to distinguish between INTJ and ENTJ.

One special thing about ENTJ

ENTJ is all about challenges. Challenging others and being challenged by others is an important part of their learning process. Surprisingly, ENTJs admire those who can defend them and / or teach them lessons. But before that happens, they generally see themselves as superior to others. Otto Kroeger in his book "Type Talk" provides a great analogy: In many ways, life for ENTJ is a variation on the children's game "King of the Mountain". Unless others can push ENTJ down from the top of the mountain, they must stay "under" ENTJ.

So, although, indeed, ENTJs are generally arrogant towards types who lack confidence, they sincerely like and respect those who do not feel intimidated by them.

How to Get ENTJ Like You

  • Look smart and capable;
  • Become a problem solver;
  • Watch their achievements;
  • Be loyal to them;
  • Having a real goal;
  • Behave as equals;
  • Looks successful;
  • Don't be sticky;
  • Become independent;
  • It seems like you are passionate about your life.

ENTJ in Love, Dating, and Relationships

It is a surprise that the ENTJ that seems tough and arrogant can be very sentimental and romantic in personal relationships. However, while ENTJ falls in love quite quickly and easily, they are well aware of their weaknesses and will usually take steps to control their romantic feelings to protect their other goals.

Because of its competitive nature, ENTJ will choose the most attractive partners, but the relationship can have a future only if the partner can meet ENTJ's needs by being loyal, supportive, independent, and smart. If for whatever reason, the partner is no longer able to fulfill ENTJ's needs, ENTJ will terminate the relationship and continue.

If you want to know more about it, there is a detailed post about the ENTJ relationship here.

Nature / Strength of Positive ENTJ

Much has been said about how ENTJ can be insensitive and materialistic, but in reality, they have many positive qualities too. As an example,

  • They have great money management skills;
  • They are enthusiastic and energetic;
  • They inspire;
  • They are interested in your ideas;
  • They are very articulate;
  • They are smart;
  • They are problem solvers;
  • They are great leaders;
  • They are honest;
  • They take commitments very seriously;
  • They seek knowledge and self-development;
  • They have a very special ability to turn negative into positive;
  • They have high standards;
  • They can be very dear;
  • Those who determine;
  • They are very assertive;
  • They like to interact with other people;
  • They are very confident;
  • They are organized;
  • They are innovative;
  • Because they are really strong, they like other strong people and don't feel intimidated by them.

Nature / Weakness of Negative ENTJ

  • It might seem scary;
  • Many ENTJs are not good at predicting the reactions of others;
  • May unconsciously offend others;
  • Can control;
  • Maybe impatient at times;
  • Don't know how to express love and affection.

ENTJ Learning Style

From a young age, people with ENTJ personality types are about achievement. Because education is one of the main ways to progress, education plays an important role in their lives. ENTJ students can be very patient while learning as long as they can see ways to apply this knowledge in the future. On the other hand, they are not good at memorizing useless facts or learning something that has no practical application.

ENTJ students have a special love for charts, diagrams, and tables - this allows them to organize information and memorize facts and formulas more effectively. Other good ways to be studied by ENTJ include criticism, analysis, and debate. Also, they like to challenge themselves by setting a deadline for completing their project and then trying to do it in a shorter time.

ENTJ Decision Making Style

For ENTJ, decision making is a calling. With their future focus, not only can they build actionable plans that will achieve their goals, but they are also great at inspiring others.

When they need to make choices, they will usually analyze their options to make rational decisions. Unlike many other types, people with ENTJ personality types have the unique ability to make good decisions quickly, without over-analyzing the situation. After the decision is made, ENTJ will carry out its plans without guessing.

When faced with complex personal problems, they will often force themselves to make decisions to stop pondering and make emotional closure. To minimize pain even further, they will sometimes limit the amount of time spent making that decision. "I have to decide before 10:00 tomorrow" is what ENTJ said. After the time is up, ENTJ will continue - no contemplation, no second guess, no back and forth.

If two options are equally good (or equally bad), ENTJ will only flip the coin to decide.

Adjectives to Explain ENTJ

  • Warm,
  • gregarious,
  • ambitious,
  • honest,
  • motivated,
  • challenging,
  • argumentative,
  • determine,
  • analytical,
  • efficient,
  • productive,
  • competent,
  • take effect,
  • difficult,
  • strong,
  • confrontation,
  • strategic,
  • logical,
  • arrogant,
  • objective,
  • articulate,
  • intelligent,
  • confidence,
  • Exit,
  • friendly,
  • impatient,
  • critical,
  • sue,
  • competent,
  • independent,
  • brave.

Random Facts About ENTJ

  • Even though ENTJ is extra, they like to spend their time productively and can avoid some social activities and gatherings.
  • Not only are ENTJ's achievers and go-getters themselves, but they are also interested in helping others to achieve their goals.
  • THTJ people think, talk, and move quickly.
  • ENTJ doesn't like it when people beat around the bush or give instructions about things; if you want to communicate with them effectively, honestly, and directly.
  • ENTJ often do not have a clue why others follow them so easily.
  • One of the best ways to disrupt ENTJ is by saying that they are not capable of.
  • ENTJ people are exceptional organizers; they want everything from their homes to their personal lives to their professional search to be efficient and organized.
  • ENTJ is a type of person called "alpha male" or "alpha female".
  • Farewell ENTJ: After it's finished, it's over! No more nonsense.
  • ENTJ men and women can be surprisingly sentimental, although they usually hide it.
  • ENTJ just hates being ignored; if you want to maintain a relationship with ENTJ, be personal or professional, answer their calls, be on time and treat them with respect.

ENTJ as a Leader

If you read something about ENTJ, you already know that ENTJ is the perfect leader. ENTJ men and women excel in long-term planning and make things happen. Because of their strong and strong personalities, most people naturally follow them without ever questioning their authority.

Being gregarious and outgoing, ENTJ enjoys dealing with people and seems to have a plan for everyone they meet. ENTJ thrives in the corporate environment and finds themselves promoted to leadership positions very quickly. Interestingly, ENTJs often don't know why they are leaders wherever they go.

An ENTJ leader is democratic about ideas, but when the time comes to make a decision, he will be firm and carry out his plans with a single determination.

Work Arrangements for ENTJ

ENTJ has high expectations both from the system and the people with whom they work. They are naturally suited to leadership positions; at least they need to work in an independent environment where they can apply their organizational skills very well. Long-term planning, solving complex problems, and motivating others are the hallmarks of ENTJ.

ENTJ Job Listings (129 Job Title)

  • Administrator
  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Advertising executive
  • Advertising manager
  • Airline pilot
  • Anesthesiologist
  • Architect
  • Lawyer
  • Biofuel Production Manager
  • Biofuel and Biodiesel Technology Manager
  • Biomass Production Manager
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Budget Analyst
  • Business Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • business consultant
  • Business executive
  • Business manager
  • Cardiologist
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Civil Engineering
  • Higher Education Administrator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Computer Consultant
  • Computer expert
  • Construction manager
  • Controller
  • Corporate Finance Attorney
  • Company Coach
  • Corporate Team Coaches
  • Credit Investigator
  • Database Administrator
  • Economic Analyst
  • Economist
  • Education Administrator
  • Educational Consultant
  • Employment Development Specialist
  • Businessman
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Executive
  • Family doctor
  • Financial advisor
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Planner
  • Foreign Service Officers
  • Franchise Owner
  • Game Developer
  • Geneticist
  • Genetic Researcher
  • Geologist
  • Geothermal Technician
  • Government employees
  • Health Care Administrator
  • Human Resources Planner
  • Human Resource Management
  • Hydropower Production Manager
  • International Bankers
  • International Relations Specialist
  • Investment Banker
  • Investment Broker
  • Reporters
  • Work relationship
  • Labor Relations Manager
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Logistics Consultant
  • Logistics Engineer
  • Logistics manager
  • Management consultant
  • Management Coach
  • Manage Editor
  • Market Researcher
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing specialist
  • Material Scientist
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Media planner/buyer
  • Medical Scientist
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Network and Computer System Administrator
  • Network Integration Specialist
  • Network and Data Communications System Analyst
  • Office manager
  • Organizational Builder
  • Pathologist
  • Personal Financial Planner
  • Personnel manager
  • Pilot
  • Police Superintendent
  • Political Consultant
  • Political scientist
  • Private Investigator
  • Producer
  • Product Development Manager
  • Professor
  • Program Designer
  • Project manager
  • Project manager
  • Psychiatrist
  • psychologist
  • Public Administrator
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Real Estate Manager
  • Robotics Network Manager
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales manager
  • Senior manager
  • Software Designer
  • Solar Energy Installation Manager
  • Solar Energy Systems Engineer
  • Stockbroker
  • Strategist
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Surgeon
  • Systems Analyst
  • Teacher: Science or Social Studies
  • Technical trainer
  • Telecommunications security consultant
  • Theater producer
  • University Administrator
  • University professor
  • City Planner
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Web Developers
  • Website Owner
  • Wind Energy Engineer
  • Wind Energy Operations Manager
  • Wind Energy Project Manager

Famous ENTJ People

Napoleon Bonaparte is perhaps the most classic example of ENTJ. Following famous people is likely also ENTJ:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Julius Cesar
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Donald Trump
  • Bill Gates
  • Garry Kasparov
  • Joseph Stalin

ENTJ Character

Fictional ENTJ characters can include:

  • Magneto from X-Men
  • Penguins from Batman Criminals
  • Princess Leia from Star Wars
  • Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek
  • Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z
  • Perry Cox from Scrub

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