Celtic Swan Animal Zodiac Sign

Celtic Swan Animal Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The swan was sacred to the Celts. The pure white color of the white swan made it a symbol of the light of both the shining Sun and the reflective Moon.

The Celts viewed the swan as a symbol of beauty and the power of the self.

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It was the totem animal of druidic bards, who often wore cloaks made of swan feathers to allow them to contact their muse.

The Celts considered the swan to mean that great power and longevity could be attained once a person realized their inner beauty and power.

The Swan as a Celtic Animal Zodiac Sign

In Celtic Astrology, the White Swan is the Celtic Animal Sign for people born September 2 – September 29. It is also the animal symbol for the Celtic Vine Tree Sign.

Celtic Swan Mythology

In Irish myth, the White Swan is a symbol of the Celtic gods, the Tuatha Danaans, who disappeared into underground forts at the autumn equinox.

The Celts thought the White Swan was a shapeshifter. To see it on a lake at night was considered very unlucky because it could be a witch.

Celtic Swan Tattoos

Celtic swan tattoos are symbols of beauty and grace. They often represent a connection to one's muse, and the ability to understand the mysteries of songs and poetry.

Swan tattoos also mean that when we recognize our inner beauty and inner power, we will achieve great power in the world and long life.

They are a reminder of strength through silence. A reminder that stems from a swan's ability to break a man's arm with its wings, and from how rarely it utters a sound.

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