5 Tragedy Caused by the Ouija Board

5 Tragedy Caused by the Ouija Board

Ouija games are both curious and mystical. Even so, the summoner was considered entertaining since it was first created.

The summoning board game has existed in various forms since around 1100 AD in China. Its commercial form only appeared in 1890.

In the US, this spirit board became popular thanks to the three Fox brothers from New York. They became celebrities who claimed that the sisters received messages from the spirits. In the 19th Century, anything spiritual was on the rise.

Ouija Board is a flat board game having 26 letters of the alphabet, then the numbers 0 – 9, and a few short "yes" and "no" words.

Players place their finger on a pointing device, ask a question, and are then "guided" by a "ghost" or "spirit" who spells out the answer to the question.

These days, Ouija board games can be found in ordinary stores that don't seem haunted. Scientists call it an ideomotor impact, which is when a person makes an involuntary movement. Religion views it as dangerous witchcraft.

Even so, there are a few people in society who are so useful in the game that they even blame Ouija for some of the crimes that have occurred, such as the following:

1. Ruled by Satan

In 2007, a man named Joshua Tucker killed a friend named Donald and his friend's mother and sister. However, the mother sees her son as a victim, not a perpetrator.

According to his mother, before slitting Elizabeth Schalchin (13) and stabbing Ellen Schalchlin (41) 90 times, Tucker had played Ouija for 45 minutes. The suspect and Donald became friends because they were both interested in Satanism, namely the worship of Satan. The Ouija board itself had just been bought by Donald the day before the incident.

On the day of the murder, they question their desire to become serial killers. While playing, they also drank alcohol and cough syrup. When asked about their first murder victim, the answer was "mother".

Donald didn't take part in the murders but he helped clean up the scene. His mother even had time to dial the emergency number 911 while being attacked.

2. Satanic Teenagers

In 1987, two innocent-looking teenage girls, Bunny Dixon (16) and Elizabeth Towne (18) were given a ride in Orlando by a Vietnamese exchange student named Ngoc Van Dang.

But, when the car stopped, their lovers came out of hiding in the bushes and pointed guns. The student was robbed and forced into the trunk of a car, then taken to a quiet area. There, the student was carved an upside-down cross on his chest and shot 7 times to death as an offering to the devil.

The teenagers were caught and arrested a few days later. They explained to the police that it was the will of "a 10-year-old boy named David" who contacted them via the Ouija board. They said they were ordered to steal a car, rob someone and leave Florida for a carnival in Virginia.

3. Crimes of the Ages

While a mother and daughter were playing Ouija in 1933, Dorothea Irena Turley, who operated planchette, ordered her 15-year-old daughter, Mattie, to "shoot daddy after she finished milking."

Dorothea even told her daughter that she wanted to marry a handsome cowboy and get rid of her husband, Ernest, the easy way.

To make sure of the move, they even looked for reassurance from the Ouija board and a set of cards. Mattie then shot her father with a shotgun, causing the victim to later die in hospital from his injuries.

According to Mattie, she did it because "the board was unstoppable" and then underwent state custody for 3 years until she was finally pardoned.

4. Trance

A man named Gary Gilmore became famous for demanding the death penalty for his crimes, including the murder of two men in Utah in 1976. He was eventually executed a year after his request.

But his story lives on in the book "Shot in the Heart" written by his younger brother, Mikal Gilmore. In the book, it is told that their mother believed that a demonic spirit was stalking their family and blamed the evil spirit for the death of his sister and the paralysis of another sister. The mother mentioned the existence of the evil spirit after playing Ouija as a child.

The mother eventually thinks the evil spirit has entered the soul of her son, Gary after the child begins to have nightmares that he is being beheaded.

At the same time, his mother claimed to have seen a demon standing above her son who was sleeping on the bed. The mother claimed to see the demon again just before Gary started having problems. In the end, it was the demon summoned through the Ouija board that the mother blamed.

5. City Chaos

In March 1920, the entire population of El Cerrito, California, experienced mass hysteria over a game of Ouija. It all started with the actions of 7 people who played and then acted "crazy" until finally they were arrested by the officers.

But, a few days later, the madness seemed contagious. More and more people were acting insane, even some of the police were involved.

One of the cops took off his uniform and ran into a bank screaming. A young woman wanders around naked because she feels she can communicate very clearly with spirits.

Several mental health experts were asked to help examine 1200 residents and concluded that the city was experiencing some kind of widespread hysteria. The city government also banned the sale or possession of Ouija boards within city limits.

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