Ophiuchus, The 13th Modern Zodiac Sign

Ophiuchus, The 13th Modern Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - Your life and entire being might change thanks to the discovery of the 13th zodiac sign; known as Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius and has just made the field of astrology even more interesting! This interesting revelation has the potential to change the way you look at your personality and can even change your zodiac sign. We reveal all the important information you should know, including the date, character traits, important facts, and their meanings.

The 13th Zodiac is a truly extraordinary astrological revelation and deserves the spotlight. In 2016, NASA updated the horoscope signs which caused 12 signs to become 13. The zodiac sign plays an important role in our lives and naturally, since the introduction of Ophiuchus, many things have changed.

Astrologist Susan Taylor's explanation:

Ophiuchus is the thirteenth zodiac constellation, however it doesn't appear in traditional astrology. Western astrology doesn't take the constellations into account and focuses on twelve sectors that the Sun travels through in a year.

Ophiuchus' existence is more a subject of media hype and sensation than actual astrological fact. Astrology isn't based on astronomical constellations, meaning the signs remain unchanged.

What month is the Ophiuchus zodiac? November 29 - December 18

This profile falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius which means the Sun passes through Ophiuchus from 29 November to 18 December. If you were born between these dates, your world will be reversed because you are officially a 13th native of the zodiac.

What are Ophiuchus's personality traits?

Ophiuchus people are known for their intense curiosity, openness, passion, and jealousy. More than their personality traits include having an extraordinary sense of humor, a desire to learn, and intelligence above average. Ophiuchus zodiac sign is also very attached to family life and dreams of living happily ever after in a loving home.

5 interesting facts of Ophiuchus:

  1. Ophiuchus is not a new zodiac; Ophiuchus came back when the Babylonians first observed the stars.
  2. Ophiuchus does not have opposite symbols like other astrological signs.
  3. Ophiuchus is also known as Serpentarius or Snake Carrier.
  4. Famous residents of this zodiac include Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, and Britney Spears.
  5. Ophiuchus zodiac lucky number is 12!

What is the meaning of the Ophiuchus symbol?

Just as Leo is represented by a lion and Pisces by a fish, Ophiuchus represents courage and these values are reinforced by its symbol, which is a human who holds a snake.

ophiuchus zodiac

What are the 13 zodiac signs?

According to astrologers, the introduction of Ophiuchus has revolutionized horoscopes. Look at the 13 signs of the zodiac, its symbols, and its best and worst features.

Zodiac symbol:
Zodiac signs:
Best traits:
Worst trait:
Determination and passion.
Reliable and practical.
Funny and amusing.
Loving and caring
Kind and loyal.
Smart and faithful.
Sweet and fair.
Wild and focused.
Passionate and smart.
Deep and honest.
Wise and careful.
Kind and creative.
Sensitive and caring.

Is Ophiuchus in the fire element?

Unfortunately, Ophiuchus's zodiac sign has not been determined yet but based on personality traits, the Ophiuchus explosion sounds like a sign of fire to us. Zodiac elements include Fire, Earth, Air and Water and each zodiac sign belongs to a certain group and shares the characteristics of the element itself.

Where is Ophiuchus?

Ophiuchus can be found among the constellations Aquila, Serpens, and Hercules. The 13th sign is south of Scorpius the Scorpion and east of Sagittarius. In the northern hemisphere, constellations are invisible to the naked eye, which explains why the Babylonians and Ancient Greeks believed there were only 12 constellations.

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