Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - In Chinese astrology, the Chinese zodiac rat personality has a mixed reputation amongst people. They are both considered to be warm and clever who are fastidious in their cleanliness. But they are also playful and charming with their loved ones. Rat is known to be an adorable companion, known for solving puzzles in creative ways.

The Chinese Rat zodiac sign is also known for their hoarding habits, packing away things until a time of need, and being able to survive under difficult conditions. They are flamboyant, known for their excellent taste and expression of style.

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They are excellent at putting forth their plans and getting others involved. Overall Rats tend towards being charming engaging individuals who flout their style and winning smile, drawing in all who are around them.

Chinese Rat Zodiac Sign – Strengths:

The Chinese Rat horoscope sign is known to be tidy, carefully grooming themselves, their food, and their environs. In general, those born under the Year of the Rat are clever, and the careful management of their resources tends to leave them materially secure.

Additionally, Rats are sociable and witty, winning people over with their cleverness and sheer social charisma. When presented with a problem, their curious and thoughtful nature can lead them to find sensible solutions.

Chinese Rat Zodiac Sign – Weaknesses:

Chinese Rat star sign qualities are not all good ones, just like any animal sign. They are also well-known for their timidity and inability to concentrate under stress. This lack of courage makes them ill-suited for any form of leadership position. In fact, in that position, their timidity can lead to poor decision making, if they can bring themselves to decide at all.

Like a Rat at a feeder bar, they can be easily drawn in by their alcohol addictions and private interests. The benefits of frugality and resource hoarding turns to a vile trait in the out of control rat. And they will profess their avarice to be a benefit to them.

Chinese Zodiac Rat – Male Personality Traits:

A male rat personality is typically a charming man, debonair, and clever. He is physically pleasing, though his appearance will bear some semblance to that of the rat. A reduced cranium size, high cheekbones, narrow and hollow cheeks, a larger head, and pointed chin, yet all composed in a way that pleases the eye. They are graceful and slender as a rule and are skilled at those activities that involve grace and agility.

The Chinese zodiac rat man is decidedly mechanically inclined, his hand-eye coordination being exceptional. His work ethic is excellent and he will sometimes be prone to overworking himself. For all that, he is blessed with robust health. It is good to keep after the Rat man. His tendency to ignore real existing health problems is well-known.

Chinese Zodiac Rat – Female Personality Traits:

Rat women have a certain something, that bit of magic that draws the eye. They don’t tend to be classically beautiful, or the very sign of model beauty, but their charm is beyond compare. Their energy is bright and addictive, drawing others in with their magnetism, and tends towards tomboyish tendencies a bit. Like the rat-men, her features are angular, almost elfish in their narrowness.

The Chinese Rat zodiac female’s most distinctive feature is bound to be her pointed chin, which can make her appearance seem somewhat sharp and angular. Their figures tend to be slim, showing their grace in their dancer’s form, though a love of food and comfort can lead to a certain rotundity later in life.

The part of the rat woman’s health that is important to maintain is her nerves, she could be said to be a very nervous, living on her nerves. Maintaining the health of her nervous system and stress levels are important to her overall existence.

Chinese Zodiac Rat – Career:

Chinese Rats excel in the world of business. When it comes to negotiation a Rat knows what they want, and how to convince others to get it. Their intuition gives them the edge to know what buttons to push to use their negotiation skills to where they want it to end.

The Rat Chinese star sign is well-suited for the planning stages of a project, but aren’t as well suited for the follow-through. They perform best when working independently, but even then they can tend to let their projects slide a bit when it hits the work phase.

Chinese Rat As A Boss:

Rat as a boss can be a good fit. They’ll be gracious, encouraging, and friendly. They perform best in those situations where their charisma will be an asset. They are loyal to those who perform well and will be generous with rewards and promotions to the same. Their one failing is a deep enjoyment of verbal jousting. Those who can’t take their playful banter may find themselves with hurt feelings.

Chinese Rat As A Co-Worker:

Rats can make a deeply valued member of a team, helping to coordinate and keep morale up. They excel, however, when allowed to work independently and take ownership of a task to which they’ve been set.

In Chinese astrology, the rat’s ability to charm and persuade makes them an excellent front in a sales situation. But transparency of what they’re working with is important, as they enjoy understanding the inner workings of a situation.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Rat – Money:

The Chinese Rat zodiac sign likes the comfortable life, and has a tendency to extravagance when spending, but is adaptable enough to deal with any financial situations. Part of this is their tendency to have a nest egg stored away, and the security that brings.

The drawback of this habit is a tendency to be greedy and hoard above their needs. The Rats have the idea that greed is a valuable asset to them. This is not a default state of the Rat, but one who has lost the vision of a broader situation can turn inwards and become selfish.

Dating A Chinese Zodiac Rat:

Chinese zodiac Rats make excellent dating partners, as they are loyal and gregarious. Their charm can bring you in and make you feel like the only person in the world. They will be generous to those they love, enjoying showering gifts and luxury on those who have taken their interest. You won’t have to concern yourself with them being disloyal, as it’s against their inner nature to do so.

The Rats’ biggest failing is a tendency to thriftiness depending on their situation. For all, their tendency to buy gifts, a Rat gone to the bad will instead be deeply controlling in financial matters and can be downright cheap in these circumstances.

Chinese Zodiac Rat – Love:

The Chinese Rat zodiac sign has a strong tendency towards being sapiophile. Nothing will get their fire up as quickly as a partner with a brain. They love to talk, to fantasize, and to dream. A loving partner who can meet them on this ground will find an imaginative and curious lover.

They’ll explore every delight with their partner, and their tendency towards stealth makes them the masters of sensual debauchery. The Rats seek a partner who is playful, gregarious and is preferably curious without being experienced.

This then allows the rats to show their lover the way through their sexual underworld. They do tend towards promiscuity if they are without a dedicated partner. But when they are in a committed relationship they will be only theirs.

Years Of The Rat:

January 24, 1936 – February 10, 1937
February 10, 1948 – January 28, 1949
January 28, 1960 – February 14, 1961

February 15, 1972 – February 2, 1973
February 2, 1984 – February 19, 1985
February 19, 1996 – February 6, 1997

February 6, 2008 – January 25, 2009
January 25, 2020 – February 11, 2021
February 11, 2032 – January 30, 2033

Chinese Horoscope & Numerological Associations:

Western Zodiac: The Sagittarius zodiac sign corresponds to the Rat

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Zi is associated with the Year of the Rat

Chinese Elements: The Rat is associated with Shui (water)

Yin/Yang Orientation: The Chinese Rat is associated with Yang

Lucky Herbs: The herbs that will bring you good fortune are Lily and African Violet

Lucky Direction: North is the lucky direction for people born under this Chinese animal sign. North East and South East to are good for them.

Lucky Season: The Winter season corresponds to the Rat Chinese sign

Lucky Colors: You should use Blue, Green, and Gold in your daily lives

Unlucky Colors: It is better to avoid colors like Yellow and Brown

Lucky Numbers: The numbers that are good for you are 2 and 3

Unlucky Numbers: The numbers that you should avoid are 5 and 9

Famous Chinese Zodiac Rat Personalities:

Male Rat Celebrities:

John F. Kennedy, George Washington, Wolfgang Mozart, William Shakespeare, Truman Capote, Ben Affleck, Eminem, Diego Armando Maradona

Female Rat Celebrities

Charlotte Bronte, Mata Hari, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alyssa Milano, Scarlett Johansson, Katherine McPhee, Kelly Osbourne, Denise Richards, Mandy Moore, Katy Perry

Chinese Horoscope Rat Compatibility:

The best Chinese zodiac match for the Rat zodiac sign are people of the Monkey, Dragon, and Ox signs. You should avoid people from the Horse, Sheep, and Rabbit signs.

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