Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The image of the Chinese zodiac Ox is that of a stable creature, plodding, methodical, and ever-diligent. When working at a task, Ox is very detail-oriented and will ensure that everything is done correctly along the way. Due to this mindset, Ox personality tends to be seen as solid and unyielding. Their quiet nature tends to bring the impression to others that they don’t know how to relax, and their sense of humor tends to be dry.

When in a social situation, Ox Chinese signs tend to turn inward, watching the crowd without participating. This can manifest in an unyielding personality, one who insists that things be done their way or get out of their way. They’ll give good solid advice, and can be relied upon to be utterly predictable and trustworthy. Outwardly they may seem to not understand the passion and to be without ambition. This isn’t entirely accurate, but they do require a solid support system to flourish.

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Chinese Ox Zodiac Sign – Strengths:

Chinese Oxen are, by their nature, industrious, honest, and careful. Their thoroughness makes them excellent leaders, with the will and devotion to see their projects through.

In Chinese astrology, the Ox traits of steadfastness make it difficult to divert them from a path, which is a strong quality to have. Always eyes on the goal, but with the patience to see the road ahead clearly, without questions of right and wrong. They have a tendency towards empathy, a level head, and a strong tendency towards honesty.

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Chinese Ox Zodiac Sign – Weaknesses:

The term ‘bull-headed’ can be an appropriate term to apply to the Ox zodiac sign. They tend prudishness and do not communicate well. Their stolidness can if allowed to run out of control, can lead to an inability to change the path, to see other ways around a situation. Because of this Ox can often be stuck in their old ways, and be utterly unwilling to see an alternative.

Chinese Zodiac Ox – Career:

In the workplace, Chinese Ox is a solid and reliable employee. They’ll ensure that any work you give them will be done efficiently and completely, with every t crossed and I dotted. They may not work quickly, as their goal is to ensure it was done correctly the first time.

Trying to get the Ox man or Ox woman to change their methods can result in them digging in their hooves and ceasing to work. With careful yoking, and Ox can be led into a different path, but they must be goaded properly to prevent them from becoming intractable.

Chinese Ox As A Boss:

The Chinese Ox sign can make an excellent boss, he is solid and reliable, and won’t take undue risks. You can guarantee that his staff and business will come before most other things.

The worst-case to catch them in is if they lack a vision. The Ox will lock on its eyes and lead the company, your team, whatever they’re in charge of, right where it wants to go. Knowing when to ask for a raise is of paramount importance if dealing with an Ox boss. They’ll know what your performance is, it’s the kind of thing they keep a focus on. You’ll also want to take into account the financial environment, the Ox personality certainly will.

Chinese Ox As A Co-Worker:

As a co-worker, the Ox is a wonderful companion if the path ahead is clear and laid out. They aren’t incredibly sociable, but they can be a companion in the workplace relatively well. Don’t expect a lively and vibrant partner, but know that their work will be consistent and reliable. It can serve those who work with these Ox characteristics to stand as a barrier between them and outside instability.

The Ox male and Ox female are not well suited to dealing with the inconsistencies of the commanding staff, or a changing workplace. If you work with Ox, learn their patterns, and how to interact with them. At that point feed changes and updates to them based on this information. And Ox will be able to focus on their task, a thing they’re well suited for.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Ox – Money:

The Chinese Ox takes great comfort in having a strong financial base. The same care they apply to everything is, in turn, applied to financial matters. When deciding to spend, they consider all angles involved, long term payouts, and short term rewards.

It is not to say that Oxen are incapable of spending money on pure luxury items. But they will be aware of how it plays into their overall scheme, and you can guarantee that they can afford it. This can be a problem because their caution can lead to an unwillingness to spend.

Dating A Chinese Zodiac Ox:

Ox in relationships is, as in all else, steady and reliable. They’ll carry the burdens without complaint, and will do so as what they consider part of their obligation to the relationship. They don’t handle clingy partners well, as they are strongly independent and rely mostly on themselves, but can serve to carry anyone through a struggle.

At first, while dating an Ox person, they can feel unapproachable. Their lack of open sociability creates a barrier to forming new relationships, but when they do, they bond strongly with them. It’s important to keep talk of your past love life quiet. The Ox can be extremely territorial. While they may acknowledge you have a past, it’s best if you don’t dwell on it or make it a part of your past they have to face to directly. While they will take on any children from your past as part of their family, don’t expect the people born in the Year of the Ox to ever have a warm relationship with your ex.

Chinese Zodiac Ox – Love:

The Chinese Ox can be a surprisingly involved lover, once you get the engine running. They do love life and will engage in every carnal pleasure one can provide them with, especially if they involve food, drink, and physical intimacy. Their preferences run to those who are earthy in their nature, round and voluptuousness, an air of stability around them.

An air of confidence and authority, mixed with strict behavior and a ready earthy laugh is central to the personality of those the Ox choose to spend their lives with. They are enthusiastic and passionate in the act of love, and their solid calm exterior holds a rumbling volcano of untapped lust and fire.

Years Of The Ox:

February 11, 1937 – January 30, 1938
January 29, 1949 – February 16, 1950
February 15, 1961 – February 4, 1962

February 3, 1973 – January 22, 1974
February 20, 1985 – February 8, 1986
February 7, 1997 – January 27, 1998

January 26, 2009 – February 13, 2 010
February 12, 2021 – January 31, 2022
January 31, 2033 – February 18, 2034

Chinese Horoscope & Numerological Associations:

Western Zodiac: The Capricorn zodiac sign corresponds to the Ox sign

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Chou is associated with the Ox

Chinese Elements: Tu (Earth) is the earthly element.

Yin/Yang Orientation: Yin is symbolic of the Chinese Ox

Lucky Herbs: Peach Blossom, Tulip & Evergreen are lucky Ox plants

Lucky Direction: Lucky directions for the Ox are North, South, and Southeast

Lucky Season: The lucky season for the Ox sign is Winter

Lucky Colors: Red, Blue & Purple are lucky Ox colors

Unlucky Colors: Green and White are not good colors for the Oxen

Lucky Numbers: 1, 9 are good luck numbers for the Ox

Unlucky Numbers: 3, 4 are unlucky numbers for the Ox Chinese sign

Famous Chinese Zodiac Ox Personalities:

Male Ox Celebrities:

Napoleon Bonaparte, Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, Vincent Van Gogh, Walt Disney, Heinz Christian Andersen, Charlie Chaplin, George Clooney, Zac Hanson, Jack Nicholson, Clark Gable, Richard Burton, Paul Newman, Wayne Gretzky, Anthony Hopkins, Cristiano Ronaldo

Female Ox Celebrities:

Rosa Parks, Vivien Leigh, Meg Ryan, Neve Campbell, Tori Spelling, Kate Beckinsale, Lily Allen, Eva Amurri, Ciara, Kiera Knightley, Ashley Tisdale, Haylie Duff

Chinese Horoscope Ox Compatibility:

The Ox gets along well with the Rat, Rooster, and Snake. But the Chinese compatibility with the Dog and the Sheep is very bad.

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