Mut Egyptian Zodiac Sign

Mut Egyptian Zodiac Sign

INDORAMAL.COM/EN - The third sign of the Egyptian zodiac is Mut. Mut symbolizes women and the mother. In Egyptian mythology, Mut also symbolizes the divine mother who is very nurturing and caring. The name Mut means the mother of the world. She is considered to be a creator goddess who is associated with water.

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Positive Traits

People born under the Egyptian astrology sign of Mut are nurturers and naturally protective. They are very protective of others especially those they love. As protective as they are of others, they are also looking for someone to protect them and act as a parental figure. This nurturing quality also makes it hard to be open with others. They are generally good parents and role models for the young.

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They keep their innermost feelings and thoughts hidden away only letting those closest to them see who they are. They can be very shy when it comes to relationships. When they feel close to someone they will show how much knowledge and wisdom they have and how generous their nature is. When they do decide to share themselves with someone they are serious and committed. Their shy nature will attract them to protective partners.

They have great visions for how they want their life to go and are determined and focused on making their dreams come true. They know how to magnetically attract others with their charm and patience. They can be good listeners even if they don’t always agree with what they are hearing.

The Mut zodiac sign is logical, practical thinkers. When they do decide to express who they are they have already calculated the pros and cons and how they will do it. They are rational thinkers and it can be hard to convince them that they are wrong. They use their vast knowledge to achieve their goals.

They are honest and yet mysterious. They are interested in subjects like spiritual growth, philosophy, and mysticism. People may not be able to always figure them out because of their reserved personality and quiet nature. Their caring nature will make them do well in careers of law, social work, nursing, or teaching.

Negative Traits

The Mut Egyptian horoscope sign can become too involved in relationships. Once they decide to open themselves up to another, they are very committed and serious. If things don’t work out this can lead to them being very disappointed.

They can go through periods of sadness, depression, and melancholy. They can also be secretive and withdrawn. They can be very rigid in personal relationships and can come across as unromantic and unfeeling. They can seem impersonal and cold.

They have a hard time showing affection and maybe overprotective of their partners. They feel that once they let their feelings be known they are too vulnerable and susceptible to being hurt.

They are easy to anger with tempers than can explode at any time. When angered they can also go into an aggressive silence. They have high ideals that they are not willing to be flexible. This can isolate others and make them feel like they are constrained to only one way of thinking.

Because they are so rigid with their thoughts they can be overly critical of others, but they dislike being criticized by others.

Mut Symbolism

Lucky Color:

The lucky color for the Egyptian goddess Mut sign is Red & Brown.

Sacred Animal:

The sacred animal for this sign is the Vulture.

Egyptian Astrology Compatibility:

This Egyptian sign is compatible with Amon-Ra and Thoth.


It is of a woman with wings of a vulture.

Corresponding Western Zodiac Sign:

The associated zodiac sign is Scorpio.


The polarity for Mut sign is feminine.

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